September 24, 2008


KOLKATA(INN), 23 SEPTEMBER: That Trinamul Congress goondas sneaked inside the Singur motor vehicles factory and severely beat up two security guards in the dark of the night of 22 September 2008 (both had to be removed for treatment to a hospital) has been condemned strongly by the Bengal Left Front. Biman Basu has called the assault ‘craven and conspiratorial.’


Bimanda has clearly come out with an assertion that unhesitatingly points to a larger and wily scheme afloat to sabotage the sincere efforts of the Bengal Left Front government to ensure the re-commencement of the working of the Singur motor vehicles factory. A special package has already been announced for the people of Singur by way of a sustainable financial and economic rehabilitation. The package works out to the interests of all concerned – the landowners, the peasants, the share-croppers, and the agricultural labourers.

Bimanda is of the firm view that while there a determination in the drive of the Bengal LF government to maintain and secure the interest of both agriculture and of agriculturists, the effort is faced with a rejection of the package on irrational grounds by the Trinamul Congress and its cohorts for the simple reason that they would like to see the Singur project scuttled.


The Trinamul Congress had earlier during their so-called dharna and Satyagraha, threatened the employees of the factory with dire consequences. The entrepreneurs chose to close the factory down pro tem. The fresh assaults are clear indicators of the design the Trinamul Congress and its gangsters have in mind in terms of permanently closing down the factory, and at the same time to terrorise the people of Singur.

Bimanda further said that while in public the Trinamul Congress ‘has gone on record to say that they are engaged in organising a peaceful Satyagraha,’ in practice, the attacks earlier and right now would simply prove if nothing else then the discordance of the Trinamul Congress with the process of development of Bengal. They do not want that there would an increase in employment through a process of pro-people industrialisation. They would not care to see a secure future for the generations to come in Bengal.


The Bengal Left Front has appealed to the people of the state to come forward and to foil the conspiracy that is designated to harm Bengal’s interests. The LF also asks of the mass of the people to organise unified protests against all acts of commission and mischief like the latest instance of sneak attack.

Bimanda believes that ‘at this point of time it devolves on the people of Singur to decide whether there will be a motor vehicles project at Singur, or not.’ The LF in the meanwhile has called upon the state LF government to take all necessary steps to keep the law-and-order situation intact at Singur as elsewhere in Bengal, to maintain a peaceful setting, and to ensure that work resumes at the motor vehicles factory at Singur.


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