January 27, 2011

Buddhadeb questions patriotism of Congress

KOLKATA, 23rd January: Invoking Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's vision of India as a socialist country, on the occasion of his 114 {+t} {+h} birth anniversary, Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee questioned the patriotism of the Congress [party] in view of reports of tax evasion to the tune of lakhs of rupees as money is siphoned off to accounts in Swiss banks and the recent 2G spectrum scam, on a day officially observed as Desh Prem Diwas by the West Bengal government.

“Is this the patriotism of the Congress? Who are these people who have stashed their money in Swiss banks and why has the government [not] taken any action against them?” Mr. Bhattacharjee asked, adding that the money siphoned off belonged to the nation.

Mr. Bhattacharjee said the money that should rightfully have come to the nation passed into the hands of criminals in the recent 2G spectrum scam.

“Netaji had wanted a planned economy, but market forces have been allowed to rule every sector. Netaji had wanted to ensure control and regulations, but everything is being de-regularised. He had wanted the nationalisation of resources, but resources are increasingly being privatised,” Mr. Bhattacharjee said.

A disastrous situation had emerged because of a market economy, de-regularisation and privatisation, and it had led to the creation of two Indias – one where there are a hundred billionaires and another where nearly 40 percent of the people are poor and deprived of education, health and homes, he said.

The biggest problem was how to bring prices under control so that the poor could afford food. The Supreme Court had directed that food rotting in godowns be distributed to the poor, but the government had no answers, Mr. Bhattacharjee said.

“This dangerous capitalist nature of the government is not what Netaji had envisaged,” Mr. Bhattacharjee said, adding that it was important to revive his ideals in these times. He said that as the State government had officially observed the day as Desh Prem Diwas, he was hopeful that the Centre would follow suit. Biman Bose, chairman of the State Committee of the Left Front said the message of patriotism must be taken to everyone, particularly when “hypocrites who have no love for the country are posing as patriots.” Mr. Bhattacharjee unveiled a statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose at Noapara police station in North 24 Parganas district where the freedom fighter had been kept in a lock-up.

The Hindu, Monday, Jan 24, 2011

January 26, 2011

Left Front will survive conspiracy in Bengal: Prakash Karat

Agartala, Jan 21 (IANS): Attacks on Communist parties and conspiracy against the Left Front and its government in West Bengal would be foiled by the people like in the 1970s, Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) general secretary Prakash Karat said here Friday.

'Left Front in the Communist stronghold Bengal would certainly succeed against the ongoing attacks and conspiracy,' Karat said while addressing the birth centenary celebration of legendary communist leader Nripen Chakraborty.

Explaining the 'open allianc'e between Trinamool Congress (TMC) and the banned Communist Party of India- Maoist,' the Left leader said that recently two TMC leaders were arrested by the Orissa police when they brought two injured Maoist cadres at the Cuttock Medical College for treatment.

'A central minister directly involved in the alliance with rightwing extremist forces and Maoists,' Karat added, in an indirect reference to Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee.

'To decimate the Communist-led popular movements in Bengal, over 365 comrades were martyred since the 2009 Lok Sabha election and 249 Left activists killed alone in Maoist-dominated Jangal Mahal comprising three districts.'

Coming down heavily on the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, Karat said: 'While the government has sunk in the sea of corruptions, it has decided to allow US investment and participations in banking, insurance, higher education, and agricultural sectors.'

'The 2G spectrum scam's losses of Rs.176 lakh crore to the government exchequer are equivalent to eight times of India's annual health budget and three times of education budget,' Karat said adding that the Congress' 'misrule is poluting the democracy in India'.

Terming Chakraborty, a former Tripura chief minister, as a true Communist leader, Karat said: 'Chakraborty has all Communist qualities and fought heroically for the people during his 60-years of political life.'

'Chinese Communist leaders evaluated Comrade Mao Tse-tung (Mao Zedong) with 70 percent correct steps and 30 percent incorrect actions, but Nripen Chakraborty's life and struggle was most valuable. He was an outstanding Communist leader in India.'

'Nripen Chakraborty whole heartedly felt that as Marxism has a scientific basis, it would definitely change the society into a classless civilisation,' he added.

January 25, 2011




• Friend and activist Asim Giri

• Ordinary supporters of all political parties who lose their lives, habitats and dignity in political clashes

• Leader of CPI(Maoist) Kishenji, who has honoured me by proposing my name as a mediator in the peace talks between the Indian Government and Maoists”

Pages 147-148:

“A meeting of the krishijomi-raksha committee (save farmland committee) was held at Trinamul Bhavan on 6th November (2007). I hired a car to reach there. When Asim and I reached there, we found several eminent persons. Retired IAS officers Debabrata Bandopadhyaya and Murshed were there….Those present at the meeting at Trinamul Bhavan included Trinamul leaders Sougata Roy, Sovandeb Chatterjee, PDS leader Samir Putatunda, two activists Raja Sarkhel and Prasun Chtterjee who are presently in jail charged under the draconian UAPA, Bhaskar Gupta and Anup Banerjee of TASAM organisation, Naxalites Purnendu Bose, Pradeep Banerjee and Dola Sen and many others. I was so excited and angry that I could not notice properly who else were there.

I had a few words with Mamata in an adjacent room a while back in the presence of Sunanda Sanyal. Mamata was visibly angry. I told her – After what I saw in Satengabari and the way the CPIM is indiscriminately attacking and killing the villagers there, I cannot think about anything else other than armed resistance….”

Some Informations on Maoist – TMC links: Annexure II

1. Kartick Deb Singha, S/O Kumed Deb Singha of Jamirgot, Post- Madhupur PS Salboni, Paschim Medinipur an active member of TMC since 2002 and was nominated as Anchal President of Anchal No -1, Debagram GP of Salboni Block Committee of TMC in 2006. CPI(Maoist activists namely Akash, Master, Bijoy, Gopal, Rakhal, Swapan, Singrai Tudu, Swapnadi, LAxmi, Chottu and others met Kartick Deb Singha several times as instigated him to create a base of PSBJC backed by them in Jamirgot, Garrah, Birvanpur and its adjacent villages under his leadership. He tried to kill police on a number of occasions. KAnchan Debsingha and Santu Debsingha both of village Madhupur-Namopara are active TMC leaders have close association with Kartick Deb Singha.

2. Subal Mahato, Indrajit Mahato, Trilochan Mahato, Saktipada Mahato, Karuna Sidhu Mahato, Jogeswar Mahato, Tapan Guchhait were arrested by BSF from Buripala under Salboni PS. Later on District President of TMC claimed that they were all TMC supporters.

3. Gobinda De who was killed in police encounter on 20/06/09 was TMC follower as claimed by TMC party.

4. Dipak Pramanik of Debra PS was kidnapped by CPI(maosit) activists on 24/07/09 from Pidrakulli under Salboni PS and was kept in the house of Sanat Mahato of Lakhanpur, is a local TMC leader. Tarun Mahato a squad member of CPI(Maoist) has also revealed that a number of armed squad member were present in the house of the said Sanat Mahato.

5. In the year 2004 during Loksabha election and 2006 during assembly election Chhatradhar Mahato was the election agent of TMC.

6. On 04/02/09 Smt. Mamata Banerjee went to Lalgrah and visited Khas Jungle, Dharampur, Chhoto Pelia areas and attend a local political programee. She met with Chhatradhat Mahato and other PSBJC leaders.

7. On 20/09/09 police arrested Biswanath Mahato, Dinabandhu Mahato and 8 others from forest area near Baro Kalsibahanga under Salboni PS and from Baghghora village the District TMC President later on claimed that they are TMC supporters. Biswanath Mahato, Dinabandhu Mahato are close associated of CPI(Maoist).

8. Chandrakanta Debsingh of Madhupur under Salboni PS is a TMC supporter.

9. Pronobesh @ Khokan Mahato was a follower of TMC, was arrested on 13/09/09 in C/W Salboni PS. The TMC leaders and followers namely Kartick Deb Sjngha, Bijay pal, Santu Debsingha, Pradip Mahato, and PSBJC leaders namely Chhatradhar Mahato, Sidhu Soren, Lal Mohan Tudu, Pradhyut Mahato, Haradhan Murmu and other 4 armed Maoists inspired him to join in PSBJC.

10. Srikanta Mahato, leader of TMC and anchal pradha of anchal N-VI (Bhimpur Anchal) took active part with Chhatradhat Mahato, Sidhu Soren, Sanat Mahato and othrs in the demolition of Koyma Camp under Salboni on 17/06/09.

11. Dinabandhu Mahato @ Hatu PS-Salboni and Biswanath Mahato we arrested on 20/09/2009 in C/W Kotwali PS. District President of TMC admitted in press conference that they were the followers of TMC.

12. TMC & Maoist organized a meeting on 9th August, 2010 at Lalgarh. The meeting was addressed by Railway Minister Smt. Mamata Banerjee. After the controversy over this meeting, it was reported in the Parliament that the meeting was organized by citizen’s forum not by the TMC or maoist.

But it was recorded in DM, Paschim Midnapore office that the permission for holding the meeting was sought by TMC District Committee. DM also granted the permission against that letter. It is also reported in Lalgarh PS that RPF was deployed in that meeting violating the norms of general administration.

January 23, 2011

On Maoist – TMC link: reference from Kabir Suman’s book and transcription from some relevant video footage

Name of the Book: Nishaner Nam Tapasi Malik [Tapasi Malik: The name of the symbol]

Publisher: Mitra-Ghosh

Author: Kabir Suman, MP, Trinamool Congress

Dedicated to: Kishenji [The Top Maoist Leader]

Page 148: Meeting of 6th November, 2007; The meeting was organized by Krishi Jomi Raksha Komiti; Venue: Trinamool Bhavan, E.M. Byepass. The meeting was attended by Raja Sarkhel and Prasun Chattopadhyay. Both of them are now detained under UAPA, and associated with Krishi Jomi Raksha Komiti as accorded by the author Kabir Suman himself. Besides, Naxalite Purnendu Basu and Dola Sen attended the meeting along with Mamata Banerjee and Kabir Suman too.

Suman spoke on the necessity of sending Kalashnikov [AK-46; or AK-56] to Trinamool workers at Nandigram. Nobody intercepted him from speaking.

Video document: Lalgarh Santrash Birodhi Samabesh; 9th August, 2010; Speaker: Mamata Banerjee, Swami Agnibesh, Medha Patkar etc.

Manoj Mahato: Secretary, PSBJC: What we are doing is correct. We are not a banned organization, nor has the state government banned us. I will also be there in that Samabesh [rally]. We are doing meetings, campaigning door to door and convince people to rally with us. We will go behind the PSBJC banner. We will speak on behalf of PSBJC in the rally, as we are not a banned organization. We are organizing our movement constitutionally.

Kishenji: We are screaming for last few months that there was no need for any Joint Armed Operation or any ‘Bahini’. Chidambaram, Manmohan, Sonia, Defense Minister Anthony are all part parcel of it.

Mamata Banerjee: Joint Force should be withdrawn immediately. Our delegation will governor of the state and our Parliamentary team including our Ministers will meet Prime Minister.

Manmohan Singh: I have always maintained that Naxalism is greatest internal security threat to our country.

Mamata Banerjee: In the name of Maoists, CPM is perpetrating all murder and violence.

Pranab Mukherjee: The left wing extremism is the biggest threat to the internal security today.

Mamata Banerjee: There is no ‘Mao’; where ‘Mao’ in such a number has come from? CPM is the biggest ‘Mao’ in West Bengal.

Kishenji: TMC delegation visited Lalgarh; you have seen that lady police also were covering them. How was it possible?

Mamata Banerjee: This is war against people, what CPM perpetrates here.

Mamata Banerjee; 20th June, 2009: Chhatradhar was a TMC worker; As soon as I have received information…we expelled him two years ago. [Mamata however visited Lalgarh on 4th February, 2009, to meet Chhatradhar Mahato.]

Mamata Banerjee; 22th June, 2009: I went to Lalgarh to pay homage to three persons shot dead. I heard that Chhatradhar Mahato had formed PSBJC. I said that he was an associate of TMC but we have no relation with PSBJC.

Chhatradhar Mahato: She [Mamata Banerjee] told me I would always be with Lalgarh movement. I support Lalgarh movement.

Chhatradhar Mahato: in the last Panchayat election I worked for Trinamool Congress; I was even an Election Agent of the TMC Panchayat Samiti candidate.

Manoj Mahato; Lalgarh Rally; 9th August, 2010: Almost 15 to 20 thousand people are now coming with me. My people are coming from different places. The total amount of people comes around 50 to 60 thousand under my leadership. I will not be attending the programme from the dais, because police will arrest me.

Media reports on Maoist-TMC links

Annexure I

Press Document of CPI(Maoist); 7th January; published in different news media on 8th January, 2009

To wipe out CPI(M) from West Bengal, we must work together with all parties of the ruling class like, Trinamool Congress, Congress, BJP etc. The CPI(Maoist) document, headed “Some important problems and its solutions” was circulated to the members after the incidents of Shalboni and Lalgarh. We must get all ruling parties associated as long they desire to be. We call CPI(M) as a Social Fascist organization. Relations with Trinamool Congress and Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee must be strengthened.

To combat such Fascist organization we must therefore associate all ruling class parties of India.

[This document was subsequently issued after the land mine explosion in CM’s meeting at Lalgarh on 2nd November, 2009.]

Ananda Bazar Patrika; 19th June, 2009

News: They won’t get out if they enter Lalgarh: Kishenji

Without camouflaging their presence in Lalgarh, Kishenji has stated that here in Lalgarh some organizations are also working along with PSBJC. He in this regard has reminded that ‘we were there in Nandigram during land movement along with Trinamool Congress. We however had separate agenda”.

The Times of India; 20th June, 2009

Things are not the same for Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee when it comes to realpolitik. Because what was fair in Nandigram, is not so for a Party, which is now a part of the Union government. So when Maoist strategist Koteswar Rao alias Kishanji urged upon Mamata to stop sending central forces against the people of Lalgarh, Banerjee dissociated her party from the “politics of individual killings”.

Aajkal; 21st October, 2009

News: Why Mamata not interested in Kishenji’s arrest?

Immediate after Kishenji asked before media why Mamata were not demanding the withdrawal of joint force at Jangal Mahal, the UPA Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee prompted the claim to suspend joint force from the entire Jangal Mahal.

Ananda Bazar Patrika; 22nd December, 2009

News: Shubhendu calls police rebellion against the state government

Byline: Surajit Singha, Bankura

Snap: Trinamool Congress MP and the President Trinamool Youth Congress Shubhendu Adhikari calls state police administration to organize rebellion against the state government.

Much turmoil had already been resurfaced when the TMC supremo and Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee remained silent even after some police officials being killed and abducted by the Maoists. Now the Youth President of her Party himself calls police administration to organize an “insurgence”. He however added that the “Maoist” movement in Lalgarh is nothing but a movement of common people against exploitation.

Aajkal; 3rd January, 2010;

News: TMC leaders pleading for the release of the detained Maoist leaders

Khoirashol, Birbhum

Local Trinamool leader Ashok Mukherjee demanded the release of the detained Maoist Squad leader Kajal Pramanik and Rakhohari Das at Khoirashol Police station. Kajal Pramanik is however a confirmed resident of Nandigram.

Aajkal; 6th January, 2010;

News: CPI(M) perpetrating the poster campaigning in the name of Maoists

Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee at a press conference averred that in the name of Maoists it was CPI(M) perpetrating the poster campaigning in Kolkata, Salt Lake and other urban areas. No Maoist existed however in these areas.

When asked on Home Minister P. Chidambaram Mamata stated, ‘I am not aware of them he hold meeting with’.

Manoj Verma, Police Superintendent, West Midnapore; 9th January, 2010

Press Conference

Police had restored more than 120 landmine, ammunitions, 61 firearms, more than 500 rounds cartridges in today’s operation in Jangal Mahal. Being informed from secret sources police raided the residence of local Trinamool Congress and PSBJC leader Keshab Mahato at Boita in Lalgarh block.

Ananda Bazar Patrika; 10th January, 2010

News: Mamata slams Prime Minister; Mamata against Maoists

Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee while slamming the Prime Minister sharply criticized his visit to ailing Jyoti Basu along with the CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee straightway from the Airport. She even slammed the Prime Minister for making photo-shoot with the Chief Minister.

Mamata however had recognized the existence of Maoists in Jangal Mahal.

Ananda Bazar Patrika; 10th January, 2010

News: Mamata voltefacing; Kishenji

Maoist leader Kishenji in a statement issued to the press particularly after Mamata Banerjee’s press conference alleged, ‘the Railway Minister is taking opportunist stance as and when required.

Kishenji on Mamata’s punch that CPIM and CPI(Maoist) are all same, slandered that ‘for last few days Mamata had been playing this broken record which the people of Jangal Mahal are spitting on.’

Kishenji in this regard held Mamata Banerjee responsible for organizing Joint Armed Operation in Jangal Mahal. He sated that being an ally in the Union Cabinet, how could Mamata be away from the responsibility of such an order?

Aajkal; 25th January, 2010

News: Kishenji invites Mamata: Come without Police

“I would not ask you about what happened in Chhoto Angaria; you knew very well; you people have too many arms, weapons and your ‘own’ TMC Harmads, what we even do not possess. If you want to talk to us, please come without Police”, averred Kishenji in an open letter to Mamata Banerjee.

The Times of India; 5th March, 2010

Venkateswar Rao alias Telegu Deepak has confirmed that his men not the CPM gunned down senior Trinamool Congress leader Nishikanta Mondal in Nandigram because he “betrayed them”. Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee had all along accused CPM of killing, though Kishenji claimed responsibility for the murder. Deepak’s statement indicates that no matter how close one is to the Maoists, their friendship comes at a price.”

The Times of India; 6th March, 2010

Kishenji had gone to Nandigram using the alias of Sukumar, his close aide Venkateswar Reddy alias Deepak has told to CID officers interrogating him. DGP Bhupinder Singh confirmed this on Friday, an information Kishenji had himself told TOI in an earlier interview.

Aajkal; 4th April, 2010

News: Mine explosion in Lalgarh just before P. Chidambaram starts the visit

Maoists had perpetrated two successive explosions in Lalgarh just before P Chidambaram starts his visit to Lalgarh. Meanwhile the cabinet ally Trinamool Congress participated in a rally overtly along with Maoist platform PSBJC claiming withdrawal of the Joint Force. Local Trinamool leaders like Raju Mahato, Asit Mahato, Tarun Mahato, Krishna Mahato, Kartick Mahato etc. were seen leading the rally.

Manoj Verma, the District Police Super, while addressing the press stated that Joint force had achieved a substantial progress for last three days before Chidambaram’s visit when they restored huge arms and ammunitions from Bhalukbasha forest and adjacent areas. They arrested three Maoist insurgents, Lakshmi Mahato, Bablu Murmu, Sitaram Murmu who were engaged in killing CPI(M) workers and supporters.
Aajkal; 7th April, 2010

TMC and Postcolonialist intellectuals after Shilda, Dantewada Massacre

Snap: In a written document placed before the press signed by the TMC, MP Kabir Suman along with Mahasweta Devi, Tarun Sanyal, Kaushik Sen, Sujato Bhadra, Samir Aich, Sunanda Sanyal, Bratya Basu, it was clearly stated that the Police operation against the Maoists should immediately be withdrawn. We support the continuous movement against the joint operation to usher the real change in the state.

Union Home Secretary G.K. Pillai stated aptly that “intellectuals supporting Maoists criticize police all the time but never utter a single word against Maoist atrocities”.

Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee after Shilda Massacre fabricated the whole incident as CPI(M) atrocity. Maoists according to Mamata did not have existence at all.

Aajkal; 15th April, 2010

News: No Maoist in Jangal Mahal

Reproaching the Home Minister P.Chidambaram as ‘Chidambaram babu’ Mamata Banerjee averred again that ‘there is no Maoist in Jangal Mahal’. Refuting even Prime Minister’s order for the allies not to make any statement on Maoists, Mamata Banerjee stated that she would continue with the notion that ‘there is no Maoist in Jangal Mahal’.

Aajkal; 16th April, 2010

News: Semi-Maoist Minister should clarify the actual stance in the Parliament: Arun Jaitley

BJP leader in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley has alleged that a minister of UPA government denies Maoist presence in West Bengal openly, whereas the government continues Joint Armed Operation in that area. The minister should be called upon to clarify everything. He alleged that the Home Minister on the one side recommends the need for joint armed operation but another minister of the same cabinet recommends the Maoist violence. Such a minister is indeed Semi-Maoist.

Ananda Bazar Patrika; 23rd June, 2010

News: Railway relieved from Maoist Bandh: Kishenji

Maoists for the first time relieved the Railway from the Bandh.

After Bapi Mahato being arrested after Jnaneswari massacre, it is somewhere clear that the Maoists are behind the whole massacre…after Jnaneswari incident Kishenji denied Maoist hand behind the massacre; Pro-Mamata intellectuals proclaimed that Maoists were not responsible for the massacre, it was CPI(M) responsible. Maoists also reiterated the same argument soon after those intellectuals…but this had affected public support for the Maoists…As a consequence Maoists decided to relieve Railway from the Bandh to satisfy the Railway Minister…as she was also vocal to them to keep the Railway away from any insurgency activity.

Ananda Bazar Patrika; 22nd July, 2010

News: Mamata to meet PM to suspend Joint Operation

Byline: Roshni Mukhopadhyay

Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee decides to meet the Prime Minister to place her demand to suspend the joint operation from entire Jangal Mahal…Political intelligentsia accord that this is not a reiteration of her earlier such announcements…It was the consequence of top Maoist leader Kishenji’s assertion that Mamata talking in favour of ‘Joint Force’, not trying to stop the operation. Pro-Change intellectuals also earlier requested her to stop the joint operation that finally had influenced her to initiate such decision.

But Mamata’s demand, despite her earlier dissent to the joint operation, to deploy central army also dissatisfied many pro-change intellectuals who remained always against any form of operation in Jangal Mahal.

Pratidin; 23rd July, 2010

News: Maoist-TMC alliance baseless: Chidambaram

“I have no evidence to prove TMC-Maoist alliance in West Bengal or they work hand in hand. But a section of Maoists might have common opinion with the Trinamool Congress during Singur movement”.

Ananda Bazar Patrika; 27th July, 2010

News: No Congress; Mamata only welcome to Lalgarh: Maoists

Maoists would allow Mamata in Lalgarh under certain conditions; but no to any Congress leader. Maoist leader Akash stated that people of Lalgarh would give ‘garland of shoes’ to Manas Bhuiyan or any other Congress leader…Maoists appeared soft to Mamata as she had announced earlier to request PM to withdraw the joint force…Akash reiterated that Mamata in her meeting at Jangal Mahal would say something against Joint Force.

Dainik Statesman; 2nd August, 2010

News: PCPA not to intercept Mamata’s meeting

PSBJC secretary Manoj Mahato taking on press and media reiterated that PSBJC would not create any interception in Mamata’s meeting in Jangal Mahal. They would rather be interested to know her stance on Joint Armed Operation, Harmad force etc.

The Times of India; 2nd August, 2010

Mamata Banerjee is going to Lalgarh where her party has a minimal presence. The reason is apparent. When Maoists target the CPM cadre, Trinamool Congress sees it as an opportunity to make the gains in this part of Bengal before the Assembly elections. The Trinamool Chief, the first ally of the Congress-led UPA government, has demanded withdrawal of security forces from the area because she refuses to see a Maoist hand in the bloodbath. Right activists such as Medha Patkar are also planning a stir against the recent killings of the mass leaders by Police in the forests.

Aajkal; 5th August, 2010

News: 6 TMC workers detained for Maoist insurgency acitivities

Byline: Alok Sen, Bankura

6 Trinamool Congress workers arrested for blowing up a bus and an ambassador in Khatra, Purulia were produced at Khatra Court which remanded them a ‘14-day’ jail custody. Demanding their release however, local Trinamool Congress organized a day long agitation programme at the jail periphery. The six detainees were TMC Booth president Somnath Duley, Janardan Sen, Uttam Chatterjee, Madhu Chatterjee, Arun Duley. With this progress the relation of TMC leaders with Maoist insurgencies had been established. Subrata Misra, the TMC Block President, claimed all 6 detainees as their active workers.

Ananda Bazar Patrika; 12th August, 2010

News: Mamata to comment on Azad controversy in the Parliament

Maoists however had taken Mamata’s comment on Azad as a manifestation of truth. Kishenji slamming Lefts and BJP averred, “They should up their voice against the price rise instead of the Lalgarh Meeting”. Welcoming Mamata’s proposal Kishenji averred, “We still want to have a talk with the government. We welcome Mamata if she takes the initiative. But the government must stop violence before every such development”.


PTI; 12th August, 2010

News: Chidambaram refutes Mamata’s demand

Home Minister P. Chidambaram refutes Mamata’s demand for Maoist leader Azad’s death probing. Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee demanded Azad’s death probing in the Lalgarh meeting on Monday.

Ananda Bazar Patrika; 13th August, 2010

News: Maoist message to talk to Railway Minister

Maoists in a message to media demanded direct meeting with the Railway Minister. In another message to Swami Agnibesh, Maoists demanded initiation of dialogue with the centre. There was however some necessary preconditions like judicial enquiry of the death of CPI(Maoist) Polit Bureau member Cherukuri Rajkumar alias Azad.

Aajkal; 19th October, 2010

News: Maoist open letter on Trinamool Corruption

In an open letter to the Trinamool leaders and workers Maoists requested Mamata Banerjee to resign from the central government. Maoist leader Bikram in that very letter stated some problems regarding Maoist struggle to end the left front government. These were:

• Unlimited corruption and partisanship in all Gram Panchayat, Municipalities, Zila Parishads, School managing committees, cooperatives governed by TMC.

• There are many such persons originally soft to CPM have already placed high in Trinamool Congress.

• TMC leadership talking in favour of the owner of a Jhalda factory.

• Railway Minister and TMC leader Mamata Banerjee is working for the people of Jangal Mahal. She only announces new trains for Kolkata people.

Aajkal; 26th October, 2010

News: Mukul Ray visits dead PSBJC leaders home

To offer condolence Mukul Ray visited the residence of Biswanath Mahato and Pradip Mahato, the two dead PSBJC leaders. This visit has been highly criticized by both the Left Front as well as the Congress leaders. The minister clarified his visit as he stated that these leaders were in favour of change and thus were killed by the ‘harmads’ belonging to CPIM. However, these two leaders were alleged of having a link with the Maoists.

Ananda Bazar Patrika; 26th October, 2010

News: Mukul Ray’s visit faces criticism

Mukul Ray faced strong criticism after his much talked about visit to Bishwanath Mahato and Pradip Mahato’s residence. After the Gnaneshwari incident, Union Home minister P.Chidambaram himself had alleged the PSBJC as a part of the Maoist committee. Thus the open visit of a minister to both the PSBJC leader’s home ignited new controversy.

Aajkal; 10th November, 2010

News: Maoist leader detained from TMC leaders car

Maoist leader Kanchan Deb Singh was arrested from Trinamool Block President Nepal Singh’s car in Shalbani. Police stopped the car for checking and recognized Kanchan inside the car. Nepal Singh as well as Kanchan was taken to the police station though the Block President was released within no time. Kanchan was associated with the PSBJC arms training in 2008. He was charged with various landmine blasts, looting of police van etc.

Aajkal; 10th November, 2010

News: Maoist leader accepts his involvement in Singur-case

Maoist leader Ajay Das accepted his direct involvement with the Singur case to the CBI when interrogated. Das has been associated with the Maoist committee for more than ten years. A 9mm pistol as well as a fire arm was also discovered from him. He is also a member of Burdwan-Nadia-Murshbad zonal committee. It is being investigated how a team was sent from Singur to rob the residence of a Bijpur based businessman.

The Telegraph; 25th November, 2010

News: Maoist Help in Fightback

Byline: Pronab Mondal

Maoists helped the Trinamool Congress foil the CPM’s attempt to “recapture” Khejuri today, intelligence branch officials believe.

The Police Officials said the Maoists had “struck a deal” with Trinamool Congress in Nandigram after being forced on the back foot in Lalgarh.

The Telegraph; 27th November, 2010

News: Maoists say they are with Trinamool

Khejuri residents today said several “unknown faces” had joined Trinamool Congress activists to guard the area and keep watch on a CPM shelter, prompting Maoists to claim the strangers as their own.

According to Swapan Das, a grocer, the outsiders take up “strategic positions” in and around Khejuri after 10pm to keep guard. “Although I am a Trinamool supporter, I have not been able to identify these young people.” Das said, “I don’t know who are they and where they have come from.

Dainik Statesman; 27th November, 2010, P-1

News: Shubhendu Adhikari’s meeting at Jhargram

Byline: Asok Kumar Mondal

Snap: “PSBJC is not a banned organization; they can indeed organize rally, meeting anywhere. PSBJC is not at all a Maoist organization. Let Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee have that power to ban PSBJC”, averred Shubhendu Adhikari.

Times of India; 21st December, 2010, P-3

News: Body Politics in Heart of City

Byline: Times News Network

Snap: Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee paid wreath tribute to Sanatan Hembram, the PCPA activist, as accorded by the District Police Authority, at Trinamool Congress Bhavan on 20th December, 2010. Earlier the dead body was hacked from far away Lalgarh to take around the city.

In this regard, Chunibala Hansda, MLA and Chief of Jharkhand Party (Naren) significantly averred, “He was earlier with our party; though I am not aware of his present stance but he never signed for Trinamool Congress. How could they initiate such programmes?”

Subrata Mahato, neighbour of Sanatan Hembram however alleged that PSBJC once led by Sanatan Hembram ransacked his residence for not giving five thousand rupees to PSBJC fund. District Police Officials however held Sanatan Hembram as a confirmed worker of PSBJC, had earlier taken armed training in different Maoists camps of Jangal Mahal.

Left Parties Memo to Election Commission on West Bengal

Date: 21 January 2011

Dear Sirs,

While drawing your attention to certain urgent issues which can adversely affect the conduct of peaceful, free and fair elections for the West Bengal Assembly, we would first like to take this opportunity to thank you for appropriately responding to the issues raised by our delegation on August 27, 2010.

To recapitulate, we had brought to your notice that an unusually large number, – 56, 19,057 Form-6 applications, were submitted for being included in the draft Electoral Rolls. Now that the final figures are available, we are broadly satisfied with the results of your intervention. We had maintained that the revision of the rolls should ensure that no genuine voter should be excluded and, at the same time, no fictitious name should be included. The completion of the exercise shows that 37, 57,385 names were added which means roughly 20 lakh Form-6 applications were rejected in the due process. Your intervention to ensure this result has been a point of satisfaction, while our apprehension that large number of names are being sought to be included is also substantiated.

We would now like to underline the major challenge that threatens the holding of peaceful and free and fair elections in the state. As you are aware that in certain districts of the state, the Maoists have unleashed a campaign of violence. The spree of violence is pronounced in the three districts of Bankura, Purulia and West Midnapur. These are districts which have their borders with Orissa and Jharkhand and have large tracts of forest. The topography of the area is conducive to pursue a strategy of unleashing violence and terror which the Maoists are obsessed with. The Commission is obviously aware of the position of the Maoists that they have declared that they will not be part of the Indian Parliamentary system, hence not participate in the elections. The special feature of the Maoist violence in West Bengal is the largely targeted killings of activists, leaders and organizers of the Left parties. These arise out of their nature of politics which derives from a deep-seated antipathy towards the organized Left.

To further inform you the Naxalite movement which arose in the late sixties and early seventies had similarly targeted the organized Left and the CPI(M) alone had lost 550 cadres in the space of one and a half years of worst violence at that stage. However, they had gone into subsequent disarray and had all but disappeared from the state.

However, in their present incarnation they display a more degenerate and anti-people campaign of violence – this is a very major disturbing feature. They are conniving with the major opposition party – the Trinamul Congress. The process of coming together of the Maoists and the Trinamul Congress had taken place during the Nandigram events. But this has now developed further and cemented in achieving their common goal of undermining and defeating the Left even at the cost of the politics of violence and depredation. The current situation of violence has escalated over the last two years since the Trinamul Congress improved its electoral performance in the 2008 panchayat elections in West Bengal. This is graphically demonstrated from the figures of political clashes and consequent killings from the table below.

Inter Party Clashes and Killings in West Bengal

Year No of Incidents No of people killed

2001 434 88

2002 191 63

2003 466 66

2004 262 32

2005 145 15

2006 246 40

2007 189 28

2008 1094 60

2009 1115 106

Upto 31.10.2010 943 95

Based on data from NCRB

It is well known that of the 333 civilians killed in the three Maoist violence-affected districts in 2009 and 2010; around 230 belonged to the Left parties. In no other Maoist violence-affected state can you find such a large number of civilian casualties, nor do they consist of political opponents of the Maoists.

The campaigns of violence by the Maoists are proving to be so worrisome and lethal because of the overt and covert support they receive from the Trinamul Congress. There is a large account of evidence and media reports underlining the reality of Maoist-TMC nexus. We append this as Annexure – I.

We are also giving certain specific information about this in Annexure – II which establishes operational coordination between the two. The latest startling instance is the detention of Karmu Mahato reportedly the Jhargram block president of the TMC by the Orissa police and subsequently arrested by Jhargram police in Cuttack. The arrest of Karmu in Cuttack was in the wake of him accompanying two injured Maoist gang members in a landmine blast for medical treatment. This incident has been widely reported in the press.

We are also appending in Annexure – III excerpts from Kabir Suman’s – a sitting Trinamul MP – autobiographical narrative which establishes the participation of Mamta Banerjee and Saugata Roy, ministers of the present UPA government, with Maoist linkmen Prasun Chattopadhyaya and Raja Sarkhel in the Trinamul Congress headquarters in Kolkata. These two have been subsequently arrested under UAPA and have been in jail custody as ordered by the court. The discussion centres around the possible ways of intervention in Nandigram where implicitly the Maoists would also be involved. In fact, the media had earlier widely reported the confession of Madhusudan Mondal, since arrested, who happened to be the Nandigram zonal committee secretary of the CPI (Maoist) confirming their association with the TMC. There are also media reports about the statement by Kishanji reportedly the Polit Bureau member of CPI (Maoist) operating in West Bengal to the effect that they would like to see Mamta Banerjee as the next Chief Minister of West Bengal. Other Maoist leaders also have issued similar statements and after publication of these, there have been no subsequent denials.

Since June2009, when the Central paramilitary forces have started joint operations with the state police, the situation has gradually improved. This can be seen from the large number of arrests of Maoists including their top leadership in the state. A large number of cases have been initiated and a large cache of arms has been recovered. This has also enabled the state government to improve the implementation of developmental programmes in the affected areas and resumption of political activities by different political parties have also begun to a certain extent. Importantly, in response to the gruesome killings and other acts of depredation by the Maoists, a large number of people in these three districts have come out to collectively protest and isolate the Maoists. This has also been a key factor for the success of the joint operations.

However, the threat of violence still remains as the Maoist terror apparatus is yet to be completely dismantled. On the other hand, the Trinamul Congress emboldened by the association with such a force has also continued with their own version of violence against political opponents in some of the other south Bengal districts. This violence has led to the eviction of substantial number of Left supporters and workers from their homes. They face the threat of not freely and fairly exercising their franchise. The most serious situation is in some pockets of East Midnapur – like Nandigram and Khejuri. If you so wish, we can furnish a detailed list for all such constituencies and booths subsequently.

In the light of all these, we feel constrained to point out that the Prime Minister’s observation, “Maoist violence is the single biggest threat to the internal security of the country” should be unexceptionable to everybody concerned. The heart of our parliamentary democratic system is the process of elections which have come to be invested with a great degree of legitimacy because of its largely peaceful, free and fair conduct under the superintendence and guidance of the Election Commission of India.

We, therefore, urge you that despite the improvement of the situation, significant challenges remain for the holding of peaceful, free and fair elections, given the spree of violence let loose by the Trinamul Congress with the active connivance of the Maoists in the Jangalmahal areas which is the central factor which can undermine the due electoral process.

With regards,

Yours sincerely

(Sitaram Yechury)

MP (Leader, Rajya Sabha)

Member, Polit Bureau, CPI(M)

(A. B. Bardhan)

General Secretary, CPI

(Basudev Acharia)

MP (Leader, Lok Sabha),

(Nilotpal Basu)

 CPI(M) Member, Central Secretariat, CPI(M)

(Abani Roy)
Secretary, RSP

(Debabrata Biswas)

General Secretary, AIFB

(Pallab Sengupta)

Member, Central Executive Committee, CPI