September 25, 2008

WB cabinet appeals to Tatas not to withdraw Nano project

Kolkata, Sep 25 (PTI): The West Bengal cabinet today appealed to the Tata Motors not to withdraw the Nano project from Singur and assured help and cooperation for its implementation.The cabinet in a statement after the meeting, said the issue of the Nano project was not on the agenda for discussion, but due to request by ministers it was unanimously decided that the cabinet would appeal to the Tatas as well as to the opposition for implementation of the project.Appealing to the Tatas not to withdraw the project, it also urged the opposition parties to accept the rehabilitation package offered to land-losers in Singur and cooperate in the implementation of the project.The ministers also appealed to the people of Singur and the state for their cooperation for the development of the state, it said. PTI

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