October 25, 2008


Kolkata,22nd October: Comrade Ala-ud Din Mollah never expected that he would find himself at the end of a plethora of gun barrels. Comrade Mollah was a much respected figure at Haroa and Minakhan block areas as the reputed headmaster of the Antpur High Madrasah.

Comrade Mollah was living for some time now away from his village since just after the Trinamul Congress captured a few Panchayat seats at the village level, near his place of residence. Along with him were forced to flee 180-odd CPI (M) workers. Comrade Ala-ud Din’s long political association with the CPI (M) was an established fact.

On 20 October, comrade Mollah and the other ousted comrades were on their way back to their native village cluster following an all party meeting. All on a sudden, a group of armed Trinamuli anti-socials surprised them while they were negotiating a lonely stretch and the attackers – there were at least a dozen of them – started to fire at them indiscriminately.

The response of these lumpen elements to comrade Ala-ud Din’s surprised inquiry about ‘what is it that you want,’ was a volley of gun fire. He died on the spot. Nine other homeless returnees were left with severe to near-mortal bullet injuries. The Bengal CPI (M) has strongly condemned the murder and the attack. There was a total strike at Haroa and Minakhan blocks on 21 October. The attackers have yet proved elusive.

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