December 11, 2008

Bush an 'assassin', Castro has been a great influence on me: Maradona

KOLKATA, 6 December: US President George W Bush is a "bit of an assassin" but his successor Barack Obama will, hopefully, do a good job, football legend Diego Maradona said on Saturday.
"I would like to think of George Bush as a bit of an assassin. I like this change. I welcome this change," Maradona said at his first media conference in India when asked to comment on US president-elect Obama.
Maradona, who is on a short visit to Kolkata, "I like Obama a lot. I think he will do a good job," Maradona said. Known for his strong anti-US views, the legend has in the past opposed US military operations and spoken out against its policy towards Communist Cuba.
Speaking about his friendship with Fidel Castro, Cuba's ruler till recently whom he idolises, Maradona said: "I have shared a lot of cigars with him. We have talked about politics and football. He has been a great influence on me."

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