January 5, 2009

On violence in Bengal, CPI(M) ready to accept challenge: Karat

Kolkata, 3rd January, 2009: Alleging that the spate of troubles in West Bengal were the result of a ''well planned conspiracy', CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat today said the party was ready to accept the challenge.

'' The party does not see the problems being whipped up in West Bengal as the problems of the state alone. There is a well planned conspiracy against the CPI (M) by different forces and the party is ready to take the challenge,'' he said while speaking at a function on the occasion of the 43rd foundation day of 'Ganashakti', the Bengali mouthpiece of the CPI(M).

Referring to the Trinamool-backed ongoing agitation of auto drivers, Mr Karat said attempts were being made to prevent the state Government even from implementing the court order. He said the series of incidents, including the tribal upsurge at Lalgarh, the trouble in Nandigram and the unrest in the Darjeeling hills pointed to a plot to weaken the state Government as well as the CPI(M).

Since Cuba became a socialist state, the US made all attempts to destabilise the country, but it failed. A similar situation had now emerged in West Bengal, Mr Karat said.

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