January 1, 2009

Tiger caught by West Bengal villagers dead

KOLKATA, 30 Dec: An aging male Royal Bengal Tiger which was caught in a village near the Sunderbans died on Tuesday morning in the Tiger Reserve in Sudhanyakhali.The cause of death is still unknown. The tiger had attacked two persons before being captured in Annpur village.

A girl encountered the tiger while walking in thick fog and villagers rushed to the spot after hearing the cries of the girl.After the tiger hid in a banana plantation, forest officials had to tranquilise the wild animal.

The unconscious animal was taken to the reserve from where it was to be released into the wild.
"The tiger swam across a small river from Pirkhali forest and entered the village where it killed a dog," Divisional Reserve Forest, Sunderbans Tiger Reserve, Subrata Mukherjee said.
"Since the tiger killed a dog we realised it was too old to hunt and was in search of food," he said.
Another tiger caught on Sunday at Kultali was sedated and under observation at Ajmalmari since it had an injury.

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