February 6, 2009


KOLKATA: Mass resistance had made the craven Maoists and their running lackeys in the Jharkhand Party and the Trinamul Congress lie low for seven weeks now. In between, internecine struggle amongst their cowardly ranks resulted in the killing of a Maoist followed by that of a Trinamul goon with an ill-reputable history sheet of considerable proportions in the police dastabej (documented records.)

Mass resistance and revolutionary discretion, as Biman Basu, state secretary, Bengal CPI (M) has hammered repeatedly into the hearts-and-minds of the CPI (M) workers, however, cannot match upto a well-planned, swift, secretive, spineless, and evil attack on CPI (M) comrades, bold and resilient as they are, especially when the assailants are using superior attacking strength in the shape of heavy and sophisticated firearms, ferried from across the border from Jharkhand and Bihar, especially the former.

As I move around the spot at Lalgarh, in the descending darkness and amidst the shiver of a clammy cold on 2 February, in what is commonly cited on both sides of the border as the Santhal Parganas, where the comrade had fallen in pool of blood, I note the extreme unfriendliness of the terrain. There are innumerable hillocks, there are clumps of thick, dense growths, there are, also large thickets of tall and imposing and leafy and evergreen sal and piyal trees. The border is just a stone’s throw away. The paths are narrow and set on an extreme rolling terrain. The attackers had their route in and out, well-planned, the villains.

I learn that the slain comrade, Nandalal Pal (52), a member of the Binpur-1 zonal committee of the CPI (M) was that bit out of sorts and out of mind following the sudden demise of his mother. On 1 February, comrade Nandalal wandered slightly off the beaten track following the cremation of his mother’s last remains by the side of a narrow, dried-up-in-the-winter stream. He would not know that he had been kept under sharp focus by the Maoists and their adjutants for a long time. After all, he was one of the best organisers that the local CPI (M) unit has thrown up over the years and the decades through struggles and movements.

The moment comrade Nandalal became alone and entered a lonely stretch – it was about mid-day – some distance away from the nearest village cluster, five men, faces swathed in head scarves swooped on him, hit him hard, twice, on the head, with pistol butts, and then systematically, cruelly shot him along his thin body from the head to the stomach five times with what were foreign-manufactured, most probably Bulgarian-made 9mm pistols.

Biman Basu and Midnapore west secretary of the CPI (M) Prof Dipak sarkar have condoled comrade Nandalal’ s dastardly killing and have called upon the police and the administration to bring the assailants to book as quickly as possible. In the meantime, the CPI (M) stands to lose one of its warriors for the cause of farther social changes.

Te entire Lalgarh area displayed its solidarity for the fallen comrade by taking out numerous marches and rallies. A bandh was observed. The CPI (M) units of the Lalgarh area have decided to attend the Brigade rally come 8 February carrying large Red banners, and wearing Red headbands, in their rousing thousands. (INN)

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