March 26, 2009


KOLKATA: The Bengal CPI (M) has in latter written on 24 March 2009 pointed out the one-sidedness of pre-election coverage of political activities in the state by the Kolkata station of the All-India Radio (AIR). In the letter, written by the secretary of the Bengal unit of the CPI (M) and signed on his behalf by Party CCM Benoy Konar (Biman Basu is away on election campaign in central Bengal), the Bengal CPI (M) points out that the morning news bulletin of the AIR of 24 March 2009 would not carry the report of the media conference of CPI (M) PBM and the LF government’s industries minister Nirupam Sen where he clarified certain issues on the shifting of the small car project from Singur in Hooghly, to Sanand in Gujarat and to Panthnagar in Uttarakhand.

The Kolkata AIR bulletin in reference, however, carried other political news concerning various other political parties and alliances. The Bengal CPI (M) had already pointed to the biased nature of election coverage-related broadcasting / telecasting of the AIR and the Doordarshan when it had met in delegation the full bench of the Election Commission at the Raj Bhavan in Kolkata back on 19 March. Apparently, the EC did not think it proper to act on it and advise the state-run media to be as impartial as possible in covering news items. The Bengal CPI (M) hopes that the EC would do so in the days to come.(INN)

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