April 9, 2009


KOLKATA: The drive up to the Lok Sabha polls must see the Bengal CPI (M) self-confident and not affected with complacency and smugness. The opposition is engaged in creating a situation of terror and anarchy in many parts of Bengal. Communal propaganda of a violent nature is rolling on, covertly and even overtly in sensitive areas in particular. Benoy Konar, CCM, presided over the meeting. Biman Basu, state secretary led the speakers.

The CPI (M) must not allow itself to be bogged down in entrapments. It must take the masses along and face the pre-election run-up ensuring a situation of amity, peace, and pro-people progress. Certainly it must always remain, as ever, deep amongst the masses, listening to them, responding to them. This was the basic thrust of the arguments heard at the meeting of the state committee of the Bengal CPI (M) held on 3 April.

Biman Basu was clear in his mind when he addressed the state committee to stress that the Bengal unit must face the electoral struggle brimming with self-confidence borne out of the lo g and intimate contact it had had with the masses. Complacency and a laid-back attitude should find no place in the work schedule of a Communist. The strength and width of the political campaign must be taken to newer heights as the hour draws near. Most emphasis must be given to smaller meetings, house-to-house campaign, and discussions that would never be a one-way ‘road show.’

The principal aim of the Left Front is to enhance the number of Left Front Lok Sabha members with the further aim of strengthening a national-level Third Alternative. The election organisation must be made solid and without flaws. The unity of the Left Front must be continuously augmented as one progressed along the path towards the polls. A mass collection campaign would be conducted between 10 and 16 April all over Bengal.

The sales figures of the Party publications must be farther increased. The large number of pamphlets, leaflets, and CDs VCDs put out by the Bengal CPI (M) must find greater circulation and display. The Bengal CPI (M) must realise that it has a big role in deciding the strength of the Left and the CPI (M) in the new Lok Sabha – and that this would be a critical factor in the formation of the Third alternative.

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