May 20, 2009


KOLKATA: From all across the state, we have received news that protest marches are organised at the behest of the CPI (M) and the Left Front.  Such processions have taken place throughout the day of 18 and 19 May in nearly all the districts of Bengal.  Perhaps, the processions attract a few hundred people each at the moment, but the swing is evident that in the days to come resistance will be offered when further attacks are organised by the Trinamuli goons.  In the meanwhile, attacks continue to rain down on CPI (M) Left Front workers.



Forward Bloc worker Arabinda Mondal was the first victim of the fresh round of post-poll armed assaults in Bengal.  On 18 May, comrade Arabinda (39) who was one of the architects of the rural polls win last year here at Pari-Anantpur at Kaliachak, Maldah, ran a cell phone repair shop that was also a known Left adda where comrades would gather as evening would fall and exchange views.  The shop with the FB comrade inside was under assault during the lone mid-day hours.  Comrade Arabinda had his head smashed in, with a piece of brick after having been beaten up severely and he died with clothing stuffed into his mouth.    



Even children are not spared in these attacks.  At Bada Kaimari village at Sitalkuchi in Coochbehar up north in the state, the Trinamuli goons perpetrated a heinous crime on a small child of five.  In the name of victory festival, they tied a long string of crackers around the body of Kochi, a son of a local CPI (M) supporter Shahid-ur Mian.  Then they set the crackers afire, causing the very panic-struck young boy, a child in fact, to run around, madly screaming all the time, as the goons whooped it up with derisive laughter.  The boy had later to be hospitalised for burn wounds and trauma.


At Kaliachak’s Nomopada populated by poor people belonging to the scheduled castes, the Trinamuli hoods shot at the hutments of CPI (M) workers and supporters while indulging in terror-tactics in the name of victory marches.  Hutments were wrecked, some set on fire, and the people driven away to take shelter in neighbouring villages, scattering whole families all over a large area.  At Englishbazar also in Maldah, the haystack of a poor CPI (M) worker Sudhakar Das of Shalihat was torched.  The wrecking of boarded up Ganashakti newspaper has continued throughout the district as elsewhere in Bengal reminding us of the decade of the 1970s.



The house in Jadavpur of Chandana Ghosh Dastidar, CPI (M) MLA was attacked.  The attempts by Trinamuli goons to break into the house were somehow foiled by the local people.  At Kakdwip, staying in south 24 Parganas, Amoles Bhattacharya and Gautam Haldar of the CPI (M) were waylaid and assaulted – both are now recuperating from injuries at the Kakdwip hospital.  


Away in Hooghly at Daudpur, Trinamuli miscreants looted and demolished the roadside stalls of CPI (M) workers Khshudiram Majhi and Susanta Majhi.  A total of 25 CPI (M) workers were injured.  The women and children ran away and took shelter for the night in terror amongst the rice paddies under the open sky. 


At Murarai in Birbhum, eighteen CPI (M) workers received injuries as a result of a sudden armed Trinamuli assault.  The vehicle and house of Manik Sheikh, a GP member from the CPI (M) was completely demolished by attackers waving the Trinamuli colours.  This happened nearby at Maharalpur.  Away at Nadia district, the Trinamuli assaults and rampaging continued in places.  At Ranaghat’s Phulia crossing the Trinamuli hoods assaulted with sharp weapons CPI (M) worker Rabindranath Biswas and his 80-year old mother was not spared of the attack.  Both lie in serious condition at the Ranaghat Alunia hospital.



Widespread attacks are organised throughout north 24 Parganas.  A doctor at Barasat was attacked and injured for his political affiliation with the CPI (M).  Khamarpara local committee leaders of the CPI (M), Maidul, Rahaman, and Hamid were assaulted with sharp weapons and were hospitalised.  At Panihati in the same district, four shops were wrecked. 


At Sandeshkhali, the residential houses of AIDWA leader Pritikana Das was attacked and wrecked.  More than 100 CPI (M) workers have had to leave their residences and take shelter elsewhere out of the district and / or the locality.  Attacks on Party offices continued in Howrah as more such reports come in from north Bengal districts.

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