May 23, 2009


KOLKATA: The Bengal Left Front and the Bengal Left Front government would continue to work with renewed vigour amidst ever wider sections of the mass of the people.  Biman Basu, LF chairman apprised the media of this at a packed briefing in the evening of 21 May 2009 at the Muzaffar Ahmad Bhavan following a meting of the Left Front.

Biman said that in the three phases of the Lok Sabha elections, scores and dozens of CPI (M) and LF workers/ supporters have been killed in clashes, pre- and post-poll.  He said that since the LF has bowed humbly to the popular verdict, such attacks from the Trinamuli-Congress-Maoist-SUCI combination were not really called for.  Biman called upon everyone concerned towards struggling for peace to prevail in the towns, cities, and in the vast countryside of Bengal.

Biman said that the Left Front had fought in a united way and even those constituents, who had no candidates at the Lok Sabha elections, nevertheless had their leadership touring the districts, campaigning deep and wide for the Left Front per se.  The LF meeting extended its felicitation to the people of Bengal for casting a large number of votes in favour of the Left Front in the circumstances of adversarial nature that prevailed.

The LF won 1, 85, 03,157 votes making it 43.30% of the votes cast.  The alliance of Pradesh Congress and the Trinamul Congress added up to a total of 1, 90, 70, 604 votes i.e., 45.67%.  The SUCI won five lakh 70 thousand-odd votes.  The BJP won 26, 25, 182 (06.14%) votes, while others including independents won 04.9% votes.

Each of the LF constituents would work out the post-poll review.  Bi-lateral talks would then be held amongst the LF parties.  Issues of commonality in the review and in the talks would be discussed at a LF meeting to be held in the near future, informed Biman Basu.  The LF meeting has also asked the LF government to speed up work on all pending governmental projects.

Biman said that there were no circumstances in Bengal for clamping down Art 356 of the Indian Constitution for advancing the dates for the Assembly polls.  He added to say that the Left Front had never asked for any such advancing of election dates in 1977 as was being drummed out in the corporate media; indeed, he dubbed the wide campaign misinformation against the LF as a big lie with a political motivation. 

The senior CPI (M) leader also refused to be pulled into the reactionary debate over the issue whether any particular community had or had not voted in full measure for the Left Front this time around, retorting that the CPI (M) and the LF worked for the masses of the people irrespective any qualification.


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