May 27, 2009


KOLKATA: Maoists assisted by Trinamuli goons killed comrade Dinesh Mahato at the Kedua village in Balarampur, Purulia in the evening of 23 May.  Comrade Dinesh was a member of the Ghatbera-Kedua local committee of the CPI (M).  Comrade Dinesh (43) leaves behind his two sons, three daughters and his widow.  He earned his keep running a small soldering/welding shop in the locale.


Comrade Dinesh was on his way to his shop he was surrounded by three or more miscreants of Maoist and Trinamuli affiliation.  He was then shot repeatedly from a point blank range with sophisticated firearms.  He died on the spot.  The assailants flaunting guns and knives made good their escape on two motorcycles that they had parked nearby as getaway vehicles. 


Earlier in the month comrade Dinesh had led a resistance to the Maoists’ demand of the CPI (M) workers not to vote at all or if they did, to cast their franchise for the opposition candidates everywhere.  It is noteworthy that the CPI (M) and the Left won all the seats in the laterite zone of Bengal in the recent Lok Sabha elections, Birbhum being a lone exception.


Elsewhere far away in south 24 Parganas at Bishnupur, the attempt by Trinamuli goons to kill Nityananda and his brother Parthajit Naskar was foiled by their father comrade Monoranjan Naskar (76) -- at the cost of his own life.  Frustrated at the resistance thrown up by an infirm but determined old man, the hooligans attacked him with large meat-cutting choppers and left him dead, a bloodied mess.  Parthajit, too, was injured when he came to the rescue of his dying father.


At Khara-Balarampur at Nadia near Krishnagar, a school-going young boy was killed in the cruellest manner imaginable for having been associated with the CPI (M).  The young comrade Apurba Ghosh (15) who had just been promoted to class IX in the school he read.  Comrade Apurba was first abducted, had his hands tied behind his back, throttled and finally had a long sharp instrument stabbed into his left ear penetrating his head, a wound that must have cause excruciating pain to the young comrade before he would die.


This is not the first time that school going students have been martyred at the Trinamulis in the aftermath of the polls.  On 19 May, at Bherbheri village at Manabari in Coochbehar, SFI organiser Bibek Burman (17), a student of class XI, was speared to death in the most horrible manner imaginable after being abducted. 


They also attacked women of the area who were all CPI (M) workers, leaving no less than 30 injured.  Earlier still on 8 may, a young lad of ten, Sheikh Babua was blasted to death with a shower of bombs as he played on his roof of the single-storey family house at Baksi in Bagnan, Howrah.

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