June 30, 2009

Attatck to the Democracy in WB

It is now proved that TMC got linked up with the Maoists. Kishenji and Bikash , two top leaders of Maoists, claimed that they helped Mamta in Nandigram, in the name of "Bhumi Ucched Pratirodh committee" and they asked Central railway minister Mamata Banerjee to persue central govt to stop the flush out operation against them. Mamata, who is so vociferous in anything under the Sun, has maintained a silence in this issue. She also skipped important cabinet committee meetings.She is now scared and apprehending what may happen if proofs of Moist-TMC link up comes up in public। What will happen if any of Kisheji, Bikash, Chatrodhar is arrested.
Hence she fielded in a few news channels like 'STAR ANANDA' who are telecasting Maoist voice and trying to create sympathy for these anti state, anti India elements। She also fielded in TMC's B team , the so called intellectual. They claim to stop the operation against Maoists.During the election time, these intellectuals stood by the Maoists and its mask - 'The Bhumi Uchhed Pratirodh Committee'. When left supporters were killed in Lalgarh, some of them like Tarun (Ex. IAS officer) and Sunanda Sanyal (Retd. Professor) even supported them saying 'Besh koreche' (Did the correct thing) on press and electronic media. One of them, now MP, Kabir Suman wanted to have good news(?) of killings of left supporters everyday. It seems, these people are very scared now if their proof of linkup with Maoist comes up. Hence they want to start peace keeping dialog to begin , so that the proofs can be destroyed. Actually they want these poor and misguided people to be the pawn of politics. They want them to remain poor, jobless so that Left opposition can cash in their sufferings. This is why they instigated Nandigram incident, Singur incident and doing the same in Nayachar where PCPIR to come up. Had they have so much fellow feeling for the rural people, why they did not do any thing when cyclone Aila struck West Bengal? Why did TMC tried to stop central govt from helping the state? These elements should be condemned in public.By supporting Maoists, they are destroying the moral of the police and para military forces who are trying to reestablish the rule of law in Bengal, extrapolating the same, they are helping Anti India elements.We should, one one hand, identify these anti India, anti people elements and ostracize them. On the other hand stand by these poor and misguided people, help and support all the efforts made by government to bring them back in the main course of life.Lets provide unconditional support to the peace keeping forces... congratulate them for doing this smooth operation in the difficult terrain of Lalgarh...
Rule of law must prevail in Lalgarh॥
Long live Indian Democracy... Jai Ho॥
TMC is really scared now... how public will react if proofs of Mao-TMC linkup are made public... The only way to divert attention is to start a fresh chaos, which she is so adept at...So, TMC did not even hesitate to scape goat its oldest MP, minister Sisir Adhikary... and asked him to visit the battleground LALGARH... Who else could have been a better choice?..Mr Adhikary lead the violence in Nandigram where Maoists helped TMC (As claimed by Kishenji and Bikash) and he knows these maoists very well.His presence in LALGARH would revitalize these Anti India elements... He may reestablish the supply line for maoists... Or,in the worst case, he could have made himself hostage by the maoists, so that this operation stops and proofs of TMC-MAO linkup does not comeup in Public... Even if he dies, mamta would play the 'Shahid' (Martyr) politics...But, state officials did not allow him... evidently TMC is very upset and furious, as its game plan did not materialize..TMC also tried to be ignorant on "Operation Lalgarh" claiming that they didn't have the information... It is only trying to send message to appease Kishenji/Bikash.. because (1) Mamta's life could be in danger if Maoists declare her traitor... (2) TMC-MAO game-plan may not work in future as it has been chalked out... (3) Some member of Team TMC-B (Swajon) may well be in trouble...She also said, CM. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya is Maoist... Can she give any proof?... All should condemn it...Before election(Kalyan) and after election(Mamta), TMC is doing the same... These elements should not be spared anymore... Legal steps are required against them...Condemn TMC for stabbing democracy in West Bengal... Condemn all the attempts it makes to misguide people...TMC's plan to turn "Gram Bangla" into "Burnt Bangla" should not be allowed.

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