June 15, 2009

Jai Balaji to set up iron ore washing plant in Durgapur

KOLKATA:Sunday, 14 Jun 2009-It is reported that Jai Balaji Industries is to install a CDE iron ore washing plant at their facility at Durgapur in West Bengal. AS per release, with a capacity of 200 tonnes per hour, the plant for Jai Balaji Industries will be the largest installed by CDE in India.
Jai Balaji Industries have introduced the CDE iron ore washing system to replace their existing mobile dry screening system as they seek to improve the final quality of their iron ore which is subsequently used in a number of their steel manufacturing operations. The washing of iron ore reserves is proven to have many advantages over dry screening, most importantly the removal of many contaminants which have a detrimental effect on the final quality of the iron ore.
The introduction of the new CDE iron ore washing system will improve the final quality of the iron ore through an efficient and effective reduction in the levels of contaminants in the raw iron ore. These contaminants such as Alumica, Silica and fine silts and clays create inefficiencies in the steel production process and their effective removal can lead to substantial cost savings in production as well as allowing for the production of high quality steel products.

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