June 20, 2009

Security forces resume advance to Lalgarh

Pirakata (WB), Jun 19(PTI): After foiling resistance by Maoist-backed tribals, security forces today resumed their push cautiously towards Lalgarh, a stronghold of the ultras, sweeping the roads for mines as the agitators blew up a bridge to stall their movement.The forces moved out from Pirakata where they had halted for the night and resumed the march towards Lalgarh, 26 km from here, in a pincer movement from Pirrakuli and Sarenda in adjacent Bankura district, a senior police officer said.
They used mine detectors to sweep the roads and forests before driving ahead in heavy vehicles from Pirrakuli, 10 km from here.An IAF helicopter made a sortie over Lalgarh, where Maoist leaders, including a key functionary Kisanji, were believed to be holed up, dropping leaflets asking the people not to allow themselves to be used as human shields.
The tribals under the People's Committee Against Police Atrocities blocked all the roads leading to Lalgarh which has come under their control with the police having withdrawn from camps earlier fearing capture of their weapons.Roads at Dahijuri and Dherua were dug up and trees felled to obstruct the advance by armed police and Central security forces, while a bridge over a river at Binpur was blown up, the police official said.The security forces planned to set up base camps at Goaltore, Salboni and Jhargram, besides in Pirakata, he said.

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