June 17, 2009

State-specific factors responsible for poll debacle: Bardhan

Kolkata (PTI): The process of land acquisition by the West Bengal Government to set up industry was not right, which along with some other state-specific factors, was responsible for the Left debacle in the Lok Sabha elections, CPI general secretary A B Bardhan said here on Sunday.

"We are not against industrialisation, but the process of land acquisition was not right. The state government should know how to carry on the process of industrialisation in a Leftist way within the framework of the Constitution," Mr. Bardhan said.

He was addressing the press after a two-day state council meeting at the Bhupesh Bhawan -- the CPI state headquarters.

Admitting that the Left Front Government in the state had created "some blunders", Mr. Bardhan said his party had always believed revival of the old and closed-down industries were as equally important as opening up of new ones.

Asked why it took them so long to realise this and whether they will take it up with the CPI(M), Bardhan said, "We had expressed our views within the Left Front and in different places. We will take it up in the Left Front meeting again."

He said apart from the land acquisition, there were other state- specific local issues as well which contributed to the poll setback in West Bengal and Kerala.

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