July 22, 2009


KOLKATA: Even as the Trinamulis in solicitous help of the Pradesh Congress continues to run rampage across Bengal, evidence of the written kind has been unearthed about the link that very much exists between the left sectarians and the Trinamulis.

Three Trinamuli history-sheeters by the name of Radheyshyam Giri, Gourhari Mondal, and Prakash Munian, all in jail for a variety of grim crimes, wrote a missive to the left extremists from a state of incarceration – how they smuggled the out is a question the administration shall have to ponder over – and it was published ad verbatim in the Matangini, a mouthpiece of the ‘Maoists’ in its June issue.

The letter states that the ‘movement going on in the western region of Bengal must be carried forward and we hope that you [the Maoists] shall take the correct responsibility in this regard.’ The letter ends with a formal salutation of ‘Bandé Mataram.’ They have in situ, also accused and ruefully, didi & co of having ‘forgotten those rotting in jail,’ after having ‘tasted power.’ ‘United movement’ has been identified by these criminals as the weapon of choice against the CPI (M) and the Left Front government in Bengal.

Earlier, the ‘people’s committee’ leader and Trinamuli ‘activist’ (and we use the term quite literally given his record of inchoate violence), Chhatradhar Mahato detailed out his cosy association of more than two decades with the Congress and then the Trinamul Congress. In an odd twist, the Bengal BJP, a political nonentity in this state if ever there was one, has now put forward a sonorous claim that the person concerned is their party activist and not of the Trinamul Congress. At any rate, the man’s political position, amidst all this, on the far right of reaction, remains unquestioned in his functional existence.

Elsewhere in a related development, four ‘Maoists’ were arrested by the police on charges of murder. The criminals taken into custody include the notorious gunman of the left sectarians, Panchu Soren involved in the recent killings of CPI (M) workers as well as a ‘Maoist’ ‘squad’ member Biswanath Mahato. Interestingly, both Soren and Mahato are members of the ‘people’s committee’ that Chhatradhar heads.

In reprisal, the ‘Maoists’ killed two CPI (M) workers at Dhurua in the red clay zone of Midnapore. This happened on 11 July. Those killed were comrades Baren Mahato and Gurucharan Mahato. The local Party offices were set in fire, the villagers terrorised, and warnings issued that anyone found supporting the CPI (M) shall be killed after a ‘public hearing.

In the meanwhile, on 13 July, there was an attack on the police camp at Dharampur. There was an hour-long gunfight after which the ‘Maoists’ disappeared across the border into Jharkhand. This was the first organised assault with automatic firearms in the jangal mahal since the police and para-military forces have entered the area to bring back normalcy and end the reign of terror by the left sectarians. At Uluberia on the same day, a young student of class VI succumbed to the injuries that the Trinamulis had inflicted on his body back on 9 July for his support to the CPI (M) a stand from which the young lad would not move even when threatened with weapons. Biman Basu, secretary of the Bengal CPI (M) has condoled the killings by the ‘Maoists’ and the Trinamulis.

In the hill areas of the Darjeeling district, during the same period that we report on, the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha (GJM) has called for an indefinite ‘bandh’ and has threatened to cause bodily harm to those who stand opposed to this bare anti-people gesture. In Darjeeling town, government offices as well as educational institutions have been forced to close down, as have been shops and establishments. The Darjeeling unit of the CPI (M) has condemned the bandh and has said that this would negatively affect all prospects of development of the hill areas.

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