September 25, 2009


KOLKATA,20th SEPTEMBER,2009: Downtown Kolkata was after a long period the scene of Trinamuli intransigence. A book stall put up by the National Book Agency, the publication outlet of the Bengal CPI (M), a popular exercise and which has a history of setting up such book stalls, come the festival seasons, for more that four decades, was the focus of all-out attack by the local Trinamuli hoods. This most recent incident of Trinamuli depredation in the heart of Kolkata, happened during the daylight hours of 19 September -- and the imbroglio still continues as we file this report.

The fracas started when the Trinamuli goons, armed with one-shot ‘countrymade’ rifles and pistols, short-handled scythes, sledge hammers, and iron staves jumped on the NBA stall, completely wrecked it, and put up the Trinamuli colours plus the inevitable picture of the ‘supreme one of their’ outfit.

On being told of the dastardly, cowardly assault, the members of the adjoining local units of the CPI (M) and of the mass organisations, especially the youth front, came out in strident protest – and promptly found themselves heavily outnumbered by the armed hoodlums some of whose loyalties have recently changed back to Pradesh Congress as the local leadership has shifted political space away from the Trinamulis.

Those injured included the secretary of one of the local committees of the zone, as well as at least a dozen CPI (M) workers, including three women cadres who were especially targeted, had their faces smashed in, and had to be hospitalised – but only after the local people chose to put an end to the neo-fascist attack by ranging themselves against the attackers and throwing the gauntlet before them. The hoods chose discretion as the better part of valour and took off, fast.

Later on, the stall was refurbished and put up, Red Flag fluttering from the top – normalcy has been restored thanks to mass intervention.

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