September 9, 2010


KOLKATA, 2nd Sept, 2010: In its two-day meeting held over 1-2 September at the Muzaffar Ahmad Bhavan in Kolkata, the Bengal state committee of the CPI (M) called upon every worker, and upon the leadership to bring to reality the ambience that calls for a positive change in the political scene of Bengal today. No sacrifices should be shunned, no activities pro-people, especially pro-poor, slackened, and the forces of anarchy out to destroy the carefully-nurtured democratic environment of Bengal must be deal a hard blow of defeat, taking the masses of the people into close confidence.


The state unit let it be known in clear and in ringing tones that there was a positive sign of protest amongst the masses to defeat the forces of deviationism and reaction in the political arena. This must be kept firm in mind and contact with the masses made, as before, a continuous and ever-widening political-organisational drive.

In the long and meaningful discussion sessions, the members of the state committee were at one in noting that during the month-long August campaign on issues touching the lives and livelihoods of the people, especially the poor, the effort to reach out to the masses with the Party’s political campaign along with the need to resolve the emergent problems troubling the daily lives of the people, the rise in process of common commodities taking the prime of place as did the issue of anarchy and counter-democratic ploys of the enemies, has had its effect in more and more popular participation in the CPI (M)-led movements and struggles.

The increase in the mass participation in the programmes set up and going by the mass organisations is another pointer in this vigorous direction. It was duly noted by the state leadership that more than in the recent past, the taking enthusiastic part in the party-led programmes of campaign-movements from amongst the poor and from the backward classes of every community has visibly increased and the trend continues to display long-term prospects of the right kind.


The section or sections of the people that had been even marginally alienated from the acts and activities of the Party have chosen emphatically to rejoin the ranks and regroup for mass struggles to have a politically meaningful significance. This process is also seen as a welcome development amongst those people who not as such vote for the party or the left.

The state committee members made an especial mention of the situation in the jangal mahal. The state unit noted the militant nature of protest and resistance of the masses that are now quite infuriated against the anti-people and anti-poor acts of commission perpetrated on them by the so-called, self-styled ‘Maoists.’ People in massive numbers have taken to the streets in the jangal mahals widest areas across the districts of Midnapore west, and Bankura to frustrate the anti-people and anti-poor designs of the revisionists and the reactionary elements. The pro-people and pro-poor initiatives of the state LF government have continued to receive as in the past the fullest support from amongst the people.


In conclusion, Biman Basu, state secretary of the CPI (M) said that the assignment of importance to be pursued with dedication comprised the political task of bringing back to the Party ranks those of the Party workers, supporters and sympathisers who had chosen to break ranks with the Party for some acts of the Party that had irritated them into doing what they have done. The attitude of resistance is a gaining ground amongst the masses, as Biman Basu did not fail to draw emergent attention of the state leadership of the Bengal CPI (M).

The hired goons of the enemy must be countered by maintaining and deepening an enduring contact with the masses, all the while, all the way. The party and the people shall advance by defeating the machinations of the forces of anarchy and mayhem. Top make this aim fructify, the intensity of the campaign-movement must be sharpened and widened in the days, months, and years to come.

Biman Basu also took note of the need to ensure that the working and the works of the Panchayats were organised successfully, again taking the masses into confidence. He also underscored the need to increase the Party initiative and Party monitoring in the concerned sectors.

Biman Basu said that while going in full tilt for making a success out of pro-people developmental work and undertaking the correct political initiative, the massive corruption and assorted crimes against the people perpetrated by the opposition- run Panchayats, Panchayat Samities and Zillah Parishads, the masses must be mobilised and mass deputations submitted everywhere, at every functional level.


The Bengal CPI (M) also said that a wide and deep programme of jathas under the aegis of the Bengal Left Front would be organised in the villages as well as the urban stretches between the last week of September until the first week of October, based on the emergent needs of issues touching the lives and livelihoods of the masses. It was iterated that a detailed plan was drawn up at the recent past meetings of the district LF and the party committees at the appropriate levels must make it a task to ensure that the programme was carried through and properly implemented in a planned manner.

The jatha programme would comprise some basic issues. These include the issues that affect the lives and livelihoods of the people adversely. The other important point was the drafting of demand charters to be placed appropriately with the union government and the LF government here in Bengal. The Bengal LF workers must reach out to the people in this regard.

The jathas’ success depended on the panning that has to be taken up beforehand by drawing up and implementing a detailed programme of smaller baithak meetings and street-corner meetings in the rural and urban areas. The LF workers must meet the people at the household level to speak to them and to listen to their problems and woes, to guide them and the lead them. The Trinamul Congress and indeed the entire spectrum of the opposition in Bengal have taken up the onerous task of undertaking a lie campaign against the Party, the LF and the LF government. There should no lacunae anywhere to place before the masses the facts of the situation explaining and elaborating on the political campaign of the Party and the LF.

By B Prasant (INN)

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