May 2, 2011

Flow of black money in West Bengal elections

Sat, 2011-04-23 09:59 — tikender

As West Bengal is passing through one of its toughest battles in the political arena with all sorts of forces from extreme Left-Centre- Extreme Right aligning to defeat the Left, the issue of Corporate entry , read with Black money has become a prominent issue . Thanks to the people of this state who have responded positively to this issue though in neo liberalism it is brushed under the carpet. Though the efforts , as stated in an article written by P Sainath in The Hindu’ that bribers should be legitimized, are to underlay this foremost issue of the people that is also connected to their livelihoods. As has appeared in a section of print and electronic media especially in West Bengal that rampant flow of Black money is taking place with the Corporate houses backing the TMC, the revelation made during the burning of fraud receipts have thoroughly exposed the party of massive inflow of such money. The phases that have passed by have reported that allurement from umbrellas, cash , CD players to Colour television sets have been made by the TMC in North Bengal not to undermine the massive flow and distribution of free liquor in targeted colonies with hard cash along. No surprise that even the US imperialism has set its eyes on the election to ensure that the agenda of neo liberalism is carried on unhindered in the Indian nation state with the removal of Left Front government one of the foremost outposts of the struggle against the policies of LPG.

After all where does this money comes from?

Com Gautam Deb one of the ministers in the West Bengal has made a scathing attack on the TMC and some of the sources from where this BM is pouring in. There is another source which has relatively not been underlined and in fact underestimated its strength. I am talking about the person who was caught with Rs 57 lac cash while travelling from Assam to Delhi in a chartered aircraft. Somehow he was let off by the concerned authorities though a complaint has been made with the Election Commission as well. He also happens to be the owner of Alchemist and his name is Kanwar Deep Singh @ KD Singh. What is his relation with WB election? Apart from having business interests in the region he is the one who hails from Punjab became and independent Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha from Jharkhand. How? Does not require any description. One can easily decipher the reality. And now is a member of TMC. This KD Singh not only is one amongst the largest sources of funding and providing BM in the elections it also has a dubious history and methodology of creating this money bypassing the law of the land and cheating the people. I have a case to the point that connects his to my state of Himachal Pradesh as well.

The state of Himachal Pradesh has a peculiar qualification in the Land reforms and tenancy act . Accordingly , non-agriculturist even if one is from Himachal what to talk about non-Himachalis, can purchase land in the state. But KD Singh owing to expand his business interests entered into an agreement with a management of a prestigious school named Himalayan International School’ (HIS) , Charabra just 7 kilometers from Shimla that he will buy the school and the 30 bighas landed property alongwith for a sum of Rs 12 crores. However it is not admissible under the provisions of law . Then a dummy agriculturist in the garb of a buyer was created and a sale deed was registered for Rs 6 crore only the rest amount given in Black. This money was paid from the accout of Alchemist/KD Singh. Immediately thereafter , the school management was changed with a congruency of Alchemist management taking over. The first task it performed was to shut the school down and ask the parents to withdraw their children and the staff and the teachers were asked to resign as the school was now to be re-designed into a hospitality department i.e a multi star hotel.

However with the intervention of the parents and the people of HP, the High Court was knocked and it is with such an intervention that stayed the evil intentions of the TMC Member of Parliament. The civil writ petition in has asked for snatching the aforesaid property from KD Singh and vesting it with the state of HP as the deal has taken place in contravention to the provisions of the HP Tenancy and Land Reforms Act.

The move has thoroughly exposed the sinister designs of the TMC MP and it is this exactly what best the TMC can offer to the people of West Bengal with such high profile’ tagged people in its coterie of bandwagon.

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