May 10, 2013

Left union leads in railway polls in West Bengal

By Jayanta Gupta,

TNN, May 2, 2013, 09.31PM IST

KOLKATA: Left unions have dominated the elections held in Eastern, South Eastern and Metro Railways to decide the employees' bodies that would be permitted to interact with the management. According to law, to qualify as a recognised body, a union would either have to bag at least 35% of the total votes polled or 30% of the total votes.

In Eastern Railway, the Left-backed Eastern Railway Men's Union (ERMU) bagged 42,601 votes and was declared the leading employees' body. The Congress-backed Eastern Railway Men's Congress ( ERMC) got 33,126 votes and came second. The Trinamool Congress-backed EREWC got only 10,684 votes.

In South Eastern Railway, the Congress-backed South Eastern Railway Men's Congress (SERMC) won 29,932 votes and was declared the winner. The Left-backed South Eastern Railway Men's Union came a close second with 27,536 votes while the Trinamool-backed South Eastern Railway Men's Trinamool Congress (SERMTMC) got only 3,443 votes. In the Metro Railway, the Left-backed Metro Railway Men's Union won and was declared the recognised union.

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