October 16, 2013

Can Mamata still afford to call all this a political conspiracy?

KOLKATA: No garlands, no wreaths and his body covered with an old tattered sheet. This young man paid the price for his bravery was murdered in cold blood for standing up to goons who tried to molest his sisters in Burdwan District of West Bengal.

Victim's sister said, "At 3 in the morning, 4 men broke into our house and tried to molest me and my sisters. When my brother intervened, they shot him in the chest. When my parents raised a hue and cry, they ran away and we couldn't even recognise them." But his death is making no difference to the authorities in West Bengal.

Neighbour said, "The 2 sisters and their brother were sleeping in the same room. When they tried to molest the sisters, the brother opposed them. So they shot him in the chest."

Leave alone arresting his murderers, the West Bengal Police in the state are still scampering to identify them. Villager said, "We want stringent action to be taken. This is the third time women are being brutalised in this area. We demand action but we know that the guilty are being shielded."

A TV anchor publicly harassed, an actor's sister stalked, a state level swimmer targeted and now a brave heart shot dead for protecting his sisters from molesters. Can Mamata still afford to call all this a political conspiracy?

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