December 26, 2014


Lakhs of people with Red Flags has challenged both the BJP-lead Central and TMC-lead State Governments for their anti-people policies, and patronage of fundamental and communal activities. Lakhs of people has assembled at ‘Sahid Minar Maidan’  in Kolkata on December 16, 2014 for ‘Nabanna Avijan’, called by the CPI(M) North 24-Parganas District Committee, in protest againstincrease of fundamental- communal and terrorist activitie, involvement in malpractice- corruption-depravity, and anti-people policies of TMC-lead State Government.

CPI(M) State Secretary Biman Basu, Leader of Opposition Surjyakanta Misha have addressed the gathering. Tarit Baran Topder chaired the assembly. A video-speech of Goutam Deb has shown, as he is ill. In the beginning of the meeting CPI(M) leader Buddhadeb Bhattacharya has meet with the members of the martyrs. Biman Basu, Kshiti Goswami, Swapan Banerjee and other leaders of Left-Front have handed over the chaques to the martyrs’ family members.

Biman Basu has called for organizing huge movement against both TMC and BJP Governments for their anti-democratic activities, incompetency. He has reminded that TMC had used to demand implementation of Article 356, when they were in opposition; but we would not demand. Instead, we will unveil the true picture of the Government that they have failed to fulfill their promise, duties and responsibilities to protect the democracy. They did not bother about the sanctity of the Constitution. TMC-Government has distributed public money to different clubs, indiscriminately; and now they have been called for organizing protest against arrest of Sports Minister MadanMitra, who has been accused by CBI for involving in Sarada money defalcation scamp.  Basu has also accused both the State and Central Government for anti-people policies, gradual increasing price of essential commodities and for protecting the interest of corporates.

Opposition leader Surjyakanta Mishra has sought against involvement of TMC Government in Saradha Chit Fund Scam. He has mentioned that apart from Saradha, there are about 200 other Chit-Fund Companies, who have also looted about 60 thousand cores of rupees of common people. All those who are involved in these mischievous activities should be arrested; their properties, bank accounts etc. should be seized and money to be refunded to the effected people.  He has challenged that people with Red-Flag will organize huge movements in every corners of the State and the country for their legitimate rights.  He has also accused both BJP and TMC for their soft communal activities and their underhand deals and conspiracies.

Goutam Deb has addressed the gathering with the help of audio-visual medium. He has claimed that Mamata Banerjee is a layer; she is totally destroying the state. TMC and BJP are jointly giving impetus to communal and fundamental activities.

After the meeting, about 2 lakhs of people with red-flags have proceeded towards ‘Nabanna’;but as per instruction of the TMC- Govt. police forces have barricaded the rally at Daffrin Road. In fear, Government has requested that instead of Chief Minister, Education Minister ParthaChatterjee will receive the Chatter of Demands from the Left Leaders at BidhanSahba Bhawan. People wanted to proceed towards Nabanna by breaking the police barricades, but CPI(M) leaders convinced the people to seat at the spot; and a team of CPI(M) leaders- Tarit Topder, Rekha Goswami, Ranajit Kundu, Robin Mondel, Md. Salim Gayin, have gone to BidhanSabhaBhawa for submitting the Charter of 19-Demands to Minister Partha Chatterjee. Red-Flags are ready to make all challenges against all odds and anti-people activities of both TMC-lead State and BJP-lead Central Governments for protecting their fundamental and legitimate rights.

Kolkata, 17.12.14

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