March 15, 2009


Lalgarh: Isolated they might be from the masses, the Maoists have kept up the tradition of viciously executed planned individual assassination of CPI (M) leaders and workers, supporters and sympathisers, a practice that was indulged in with impunity by their predecessors the Naxalites of the turbulent and anarchic Bengal of the 1970s.

As Chandi Karan, local committee secretary of the Belatikari unit of the CPI (M) at Lalgarh later was to say later, voice firm, back straight, “Twenty seconds late and I would have been pulverised by the land mine that blasted away a large part of the road over which I had driven my motorbike”.

Nonetheless, what the brave comrade did not disclose was the sight that we saw with the motorcycle lying flung to a distance of more than a hundred yards, on the red clay sandy soil, from the large, deep, ragged hole in the ground, and the lacerations, deep and bleeding on Chandi’s body, his shirt torn to ribbons.

The CP (Maoists) later claimed that they had blasted the land mine on the day, 13 March, to kill as they put it, an ‘enemy of the people.’ The attackers, said the villagers, were five in number and that they made well their escape following the dud explosion by running away towards Kantapahari, another Maoist haven in Midnapore west, offered to the assassins from across the border, by the local Trinamul Congress chieftains.

The police later made enquiries, and found that the local comrades have already and quickly enough, discovered and tore up from a shallow cut on the ground, a long length of coaxial cable with which the land mine had been triggered off. The blast pattern was the same as had been tried unsuccessfully on Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee just over a month back away at Purulia, perhaps by the same faction of Maoist killers.

Elsewhere at Nandigram the next day, a sad sight was unearthed when the severely disfigured body of a CPI (M) worker, face made a mass of flesh wounds through repeated acidic burns, hands and feet smashed, spine twisted out of shape, Subol Kajli (32) who was very apparently tortured for an excruciatingly long time, long before being finally killed with a shot through the side of the head, was found stripped to the flesh, on the char land of the Haldi River. Comrade Subol had been forcibly taken away by Trinamuli hoods and their Maoist minders back on 7 march.

Comrade Subol had been out of his native village, out of his familiar soft, green surrounds of the Southkhali hamlet where he had been born and brought up, for a pretty long, harshly long time, away from his small family, well-knit, loving. Subol had crept back inside what is now a marauder-reigned Nandigram 1 on 7 March itself and had gone to his humble hutment. He was taken away at the dead of the night as his wife screamed in vain for help.

Subol joins the long list of CPI (M) workers who had been kidnapped by the Maoists-Trinamulis after they exerted their hold on the GPs at Midnapore east- so many familiar faces: Chanchal Midda, Mohitosh Karan et al.

Both incidents saw people come out in their thousands early enough in a show of solidarity to the Party and the class struggle the Party and the masses faced in the western and southern parts of Bengal. Biman Basu has condemned the incidents and has again asked the CPI(M) workers to move around with revolutionary discretion.

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