March 15, 2009


Bankura: Comrade Sayid Ali Bhuinya, member of the Jaipur zonal committee of the CPI (M) was on his way back to his humble residence on 12 March, mounted on his trusty motorbike, from electioneering across far flung areas, as the early spring evening crept darkly in, he met with a sudden, but not unexpected, and armed assault at the hands of hired goons of the local unit of the Trinamul Congress who had laid in wait, in cowardly ambush.

A turn towards the area inhabited traditionally by goldsmiths proved fatal for the dear comrade—several shots from high-powered guns rang out from the waiting assassins, two of the large-calibre bullets sliced into comrade Sayid’s right ear and passed clean through, causing an instant if an exploding, harshly painful demise-- and another martyr to the cause for which the Party stands for was written into history of glory.

Comrade Sayid who was a Party member from 1979 had played a heroic role during the 1998-2000 when, as it had been reported in the Party press, a series of attempts, armed and dangerous, had been made by the newborn offshoot of Pradesh Congress called the Trinamul Congress to drive CPI (M) worker-sympathisers-supporters away and off from the whole belt of Jaipur-Kotulpur-Goghat-Ghatal-Jhargram stretching across buttressing parts of Bankura-Midnapore west-Hooghly.

Comrade Sayid along with other CPI (M) leadership was in the van of the task of organisation of the popular rĂ©sistance. We saw villages being looted by the marauding Trinamuli goons, women molested, and men killed, CPI (M) workers hacked to death, – and the Ananda Bazar group chose to dub the fearsome medieval barbaric acts as a kind of liberation war and termed the killer raiders ‘warriors’ (yodhhas), going to the extent of posing men and women for photo-shoots with automatic rifles in hand and faces swabbed in towelling materials and calling them ‘the liberators.’

Those were the days of attack and popular resistance. Comrade Sayid was active amidst the masses of Bankura around the Jaipur-Kotulpur area we remember. He had been a target of the reactionaries and the sectarians since those days. Biman Basu, state secretary of the Bengal CPI (M) and the Bankura leadership of the CPI (M) have strongly castigated the heinous act of the Trinamuli goons as the elections approach and the bubble of fond optimism, boosted by the bourgeois press, starts to undergo a series of bursting as far as electoral prospect is concerned. Thousands rallied the next day to protest the dear comrade’s murder and called upon the police for an early apprehension of the merciless killers.

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