April 29, 2009

Brinda Karat returns Sonia barb

MALDA,29 Apr 2009: Reacting to Sonia Gandhi's comments against the Left Front government in Bengal the day before, Brinda Karat tore into the Congress at rallies in Malda and Gajole on Tuesday. "Before criticizing the Bengal government, Sonia Gandhi must answer why a farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes in Maharashtra after so many years of Congress rule there," she thundered.

Karat was referring to Sonia's remark that "the Bengal government would have to answer why it has not done anything for the poor in so many years". Karat said Congress was "shedding tears" for minorities, farmers and tribals before the election. "But what have they done all these years? If they did anything at all, it was due to the Left Front's pressure," she said. "Sensing their inevitable defeat in North Malda, Congress is now playing the communal card. But people of the state are conscious enough to refuse them,"

she said. "Sonia said a lot regarding the Prime Minister fashion' in our Third Front. All we want to say is that the people of India have decided not to accept the Congress fashion in Delhi," she said. Regarding Sonia's comment on the "Bengal government's autocratic attitude", Karat said: "Sonia's comment on West Bengal was tantamount to insulting the people. In Bengal, the voting percentage is 70% to 80%. But in Amethi, from where Rahul Gandhi is contesting, the poll percentage is 40 to 45%. Is it not tanashahi' (autocracy)," she wondered.

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