April 29, 2009


HARIPAL(HOOGHLY): Bharati Mukherjee, CPI (M) MLA from Haripal cannot yet get over the horror of the event, the beating up, and the final, agonising death – of a CPI (M) worker, comrade Bhaben Deeg, a member of the Haripal-II local committee. The rally that Bharati addressed at Haripur at Haripal in Hooghly district was large and as usual, a big part of the assemblage was women. The success of any CPI (M) rally makes a burn-out case of Trinamulis, always. The Haripal rally was no exception.

Bharati was later to tell us that from the beginning one Labanya Deeg, a staunch Trinamuli, started to blare out piercing music from powerful speakers during the rally from his shop nearby. This irritated the people no end, and a few CPI (M) workers approached Labanya’s shop and asked him at least to tone down the volume.

They were met with choicest of expletives. Seeing that the mass of the people were becoming angry, Bhaben, a comrade of calm disposition and great experience, went to the shop-owner and tried to reason it out with him.

A clutch of Trinamuli workers who were inside the shop suddenly came out and started to beat up comrade Bhaben till he was a bloody pulp, and very dead. The Party leadership brought the situation under control as the villagers by then had surrounded the Trinamulis and the latter, cowering, feared the worst. Zonal secretary of the CPI (M) Dulal Bhowmick called upon the CPI (M) workers not to loose control, even as they tearfully bade farewell to comrade Bhaben Deeg later.

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