March 13, 2010


KOLKATA(INN): The so-called New People’s Army of the Philippines (NPAP) of the ‘Communist Party of Philippines’ (who are self confessedly ‘Maoists’) have been helping the ‘Maoists’ of Bengal with military training. The information has been leaked by sources in the ranks of the ‘Maoists’ of Bengal themselves.

We recall how not far back, in the beginning of this month in fact the NPAP ambushed the Filipino army on the outskirts of the Mansalay township in Mindoro Oriental province had done to death 12 soldiers and had looted their arms and ammunition plus the fatigue uniforms, much like what the “Maoists’ do in Bengal and elsewhere. Like the ‘Maoists’ here, the NPAP has been on an extortion spree over the past decade calling upon young men and women to join the ‘ranks,’ or to pay up.

Police interrogation has brought to light that Venkateswara Rao aka Dipak aka Sukumar has been trained by the Filipino ‘guerilleros,’ probably in Jharkhand and that he has developed into a psychopathic assassin who kills at will and has no trauma from doing the deed. Amongst the cadres of the CPI (M) whom Dipak killed with his own hands were comrades Kartick Singh and Gatilal Tudu at Barikul, comrade Fagu Baskey at Belpahari, comrade Sudhir Singh Sardar of Belpahari, and comrades Rabindranath and Anandamoyee Kar at Bandowan (the Kars were burnt alive after being shot).

The kidnapped headmaster of Sarenga is yet to be traced and the worse is feared. The ‘Maoists’ have in the meanwhile ran a sweep of armed assaults across Salboni in Midnapore west and killed comrades Shibshankar Das, Chandan Singh, and Binod Singh. Dipak has confessed that he is well-known to members of the so-called ‘civil society’ and is especially in good terms with an elderly woman littérature as well as a ‘human rights campaigner.’ (B PRASANT)

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