March 13, 2010


Headmaster released at a village near Lalgarh

KOLKATA(INN): The writing on the wall has been there for some time of late. The noxious game of the left sectarians of kidnapping villagers and minor officials and the calling for what these thugs term an 'exchange of prisoners,' has finally come to deserving and shamed halt.

The headmaster Ranjit Duley was kidnapped last week from Sarenga in Bankura. The demand for exchange of six hardened killers with Duley could be turned down by the police solely because of the free-ranging courage as opposed to any mental frame of siege of the rural masses of the district.

Rather than let free the six criminals, the police went ahead and took into custody for- interrogation- 37 more 'Maoists' who had been cosy, careless, drunk and were entrapped. What would Koteswara Rao aka Kishanji would say to all this. Ranjit Duley has returned home. We recall how the ‘Maoist’ criminals had gunned down his brother Bishnu a year back

'Vikash' the other piece of garrulousness of the criminals has not been 'on air' for three weeks now, we note. Coming back to the metropolis, we note from Biman Basu, chairman Left Front and Bengal CPI (M) secretary that the LF would begin talks with the Workers’ Party whose secretary has expressed a desire to join the Left Front in times when ‘fresh attacks are raining down on the Communists and the Left’ from imperialism and divisive forces. (B PRASANT)

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