January 23, 2011

On Maoist – TMC link: reference from Kabir Suman’s book and transcription from some relevant video footage

Name of the Book: Nishaner Nam Tapasi Malik [Tapasi Malik: The name of the symbol]

Publisher: Mitra-Ghosh

Author: Kabir Suman, MP, Trinamool Congress

Dedicated to: Kishenji [The Top Maoist Leader]

Page 148: Meeting of 6th November, 2007; The meeting was organized by Krishi Jomi Raksha Komiti; Venue: Trinamool Bhavan, E.M. Byepass. The meeting was attended by Raja Sarkhel and Prasun Chattopadhyay. Both of them are now detained under UAPA, and associated with Krishi Jomi Raksha Komiti as accorded by the author Kabir Suman himself. Besides, Naxalite Purnendu Basu and Dola Sen attended the meeting along with Mamata Banerjee and Kabir Suman too.

Suman spoke on the necessity of sending Kalashnikov [AK-46; or AK-56] to Trinamool workers at Nandigram. Nobody intercepted him from speaking.

Video document: Lalgarh Santrash Birodhi Samabesh; 9th August, 2010; Speaker: Mamata Banerjee, Swami Agnibesh, Medha Patkar etc.

Manoj Mahato: Secretary, PSBJC: What we are doing is correct. We are not a banned organization, nor has the state government banned us. I will also be there in that Samabesh [rally]. We are doing meetings, campaigning door to door and convince people to rally with us. We will go behind the PSBJC banner. We will speak on behalf of PSBJC in the rally, as we are not a banned organization. We are organizing our movement constitutionally.

Kishenji: We are screaming for last few months that there was no need for any Joint Armed Operation or any ‘Bahini’. Chidambaram, Manmohan, Sonia, Defense Minister Anthony are all part parcel of it.

Mamata Banerjee: Joint Force should be withdrawn immediately. Our delegation will governor of the state and our Parliamentary team including our Ministers will meet Prime Minister.

Manmohan Singh: I have always maintained that Naxalism is greatest internal security threat to our country.

Mamata Banerjee: In the name of Maoists, CPM is perpetrating all murder and violence.

Pranab Mukherjee: The left wing extremism is the biggest threat to the internal security today.

Mamata Banerjee: There is no ‘Mao’; where ‘Mao’ in such a number has come from? CPM is the biggest ‘Mao’ in West Bengal.

Kishenji: TMC delegation visited Lalgarh; you have seen that lady police also were covering them. How was it possible?

Mamata Banerjee: This is war against people, what CPM perpetrates here.

Mamata Banerjee; 20th June, 2009: Chhatradhar was a TMC worker; As soon as I have received information…we expelled him two years ago. [Mamata however visited Lalgarh on 4th February, 2009, to meet Chhatradhar Mahato.]

Mamata Banerjee; 22th June, 2009: I went to Lalgarh to pay homage to three persons shot dead. I heard that Chhatradhar Mahato had formed PSBJC. I said that he was an associate of TMC but we have no relation with PSBJC.

Chhatradhar Mahato: She [Mamata Banerjee] told me I would always be with Lalgarh movement. I support Lalgarh movement.

Chhatradhar Mahato: in the last Panchayat election I worked for Trinamool Congress; I was even an Election Agent of the TMC Panchayat Samiti candidate.

Manoj Mahato; Lalgarh Rally; 9th August, 2010: Almost 15 to 20 thousand people are now coming with me. My people are coming from different places. The total amount of people comes around 50 to 60 thousand under my leadership. I will not be attending the programme from the dais, because police will arrest me.

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