January 25, 2011

Some Informations on Maoist – TMC links: Annexure II

1. Kartick Deb Singha, S/O Kumed Deb Singha of Jamirgot, Post- Madhupur PS Salboni, Paschim Medinipur an active member of TMC since 2002 and was nominated as Anchal President of Anchal No -1, Debagram GP of Salboni Block Committee of TMC in 2006. CPI(Maoist activists namely Akash, Master, Bijoy, Gopal, Rakhal, Swapan, Singrai Tudu, Swapnadi, LAxmi, Chottu and others met Kartick Deb Singha several times as instigated him to create a base of PSBJC backed by them in Jamirgot, Garrah, Birvanpur and its adjacent villages under his leadership. He tried to kill police on a number of occasions. KAnchan Debsingha and Santu Debsingha both of village Madhupur-Namopara are active TMC leaders have close association with Kartick Deb Singha.

2. Subal Mahato, Indrajit Mahato, Trilochan Mahato, Saktipada Mahato, Karuna Sidhu Mahato, Jogeswar Mahato, Tapan Guchhait were arrested by BSF from Buripala under Salboni PS. Later on District President of TMC claimed that they were all TMC supporters.

3. Gobinda De who was killed in police encounter on 20/06/09 was TMC follower as claimed by TMC party.

4. Dipak Pramanik of Debra PS was kidnapped by CPI(maosit) activists on 24/07/09 from Pidrakulli under Salboni PS and was kept in the house of Sanat Mahato of Lakhanpur, is a local TMC leader. Tarun Mahato a squad member of CPI(Maoist) has also revealed that a number of armed squad member were present in the house of the said Sanat Mahato.

5. In the year 2004 during Loksabha election and 2006 during assembly election Chhatradhar Mahato was the election agent of TMC.

6. On 04/02/09 Smt. Mamata Banerjee went to Lalgrah and visited Khas Jungle, Dharampur, Chhoto Pelia areas and attend a local political programee. She met with Chhatradhat Mahato and other PSBJC leaders.

7. On 20/09/09 police arrested Biswanath Mahato, Dinabandhu Mahato and 8 others from forest area near Baro Kalsibahanga under Salboni PS and from Baghghora village the District TMC President later on claimed that they are TMC supporters. Biswanath Mahato, Dinabandhu Mahato are close associated of CPI(Maoist).

8. Chandrakanta Debsingh of Madhupur under Salboni PS is a TMC supporter.

9. Pronobesh @ Khokan Mahato was a follower of TMC, was arrested on 13/09/09 in C/W Salboni PS. The TMC leaders and followers namely Kartick Deb Sjngha, Bijay pal, Santu Debsingha, Pradip Mahato, and PSBJC leaders namely Chhatradhar Mahato, Sidhu Soren, Lal Mohan Tudu, Pradhyut Mahato, Haradhan Murmu and other 4 armed Maoists inspired him to join in PSBJC.

10. Srikanta Mahato, leader of TMC and anchal pradha of anchal N-VI (Bhimpur Anchal) took active part with Chhatradhat Mahato, Sidhu Soren, Sanat Mahato and othrs in the demolition of Koyma Camp under Salboni on 17/06/09.

11. Dinabandhu Mahato @ Hatu PS-Salboni and Biswanath Mahato we arrested on 20/09/2009 in C/W Kotwali PS. District President of TMC admitted in press conference that they were the followers of TMC.

12. TMC & Maoist organized a meeting on 9th August, 2010 at Lalgarh. The meeting was addressed by Railway Minister Smt. Mamata Banerjee. After the controversy over this meeting, it was reported in the Parliament that the meeting was organized by citizen’s forum not by the TMC or maoist.

But it was recorded in DM, Paschim Midnapore office that the permission for holding the meeting was sought by TMC District Committee. DM also granted the permission against that letter. It is also reported in Lalgarh PS that RPF was deployed in that meeting violating the norms of general administration.

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