August 31, 2008

The former Indian Cricket Skipper Sourav Ganguly expresses displeasure at the turn of events at Singur:

August 25, 2008: The former Indian Cricket Captain and ace Indian batsman, Sourav Ganguly expressed strong displeasure at the recent spate of events concerning the upcoming Tata “Nano’ plant at Singur. The former Indian skipper currently vacationing in London came to know about the recent turn of events at Singur from Newspaper reports. Subsequently he contacted his well-wishers in Kolkata and learned in details about the current turn of events.
He expressed that he is saddened by the recent state of events and the controversy surrounding the upcoming Tata Nano plant at Singur .furthermore he felt that the plant at Singur is a positive happening in favour of a resurgent and industrialized Bengal.He has also appealed to the entire concerned stakeholders to find an amicable solution to the problem as it is necessary to project a favorable image of an investment friendly state in the interest of all the residents of West Bengal. Sourav firmly called for all to maintain peace and tranquility in the state and urged to take the state forward for a rapid industriliasation process.
The recent report appearing in the media stating that there is a possibility that the Tata’s may leave the state due to the current opposition induced violent movement, has concerned him also and expressed that as a resident of the state he feels that if by any chance the house of Tata’s withdraws from the state then that would result in the death knell for the industrialisation effort of the state. In that case no other corporate house will dare to venture in the state. He furthermore lamented that the lack of practical sense by the protesters have resulted in this situation.
Finally he expressed confidence that all the concerned parties will accept the invitation by the Chief Minister of West Bengal to discuss the issue with him and to find an amicable solution to the whole issue.Mentionable here that not only Sourav Ganguly even other prominent sports personalities like former Asiad Gold Medal winning Indian soccer captain Chuni Goswami, Academy award winning author Sunil Gangopadhaya , and world famous magician PC Sorcar (Jr) has all rallied behind the state government in this issue and have strongly expressed their solidarity with the state government’s stand that the upcoming automobile unit at Singur is an absolute necessity in the interest of future industrialisation process for the state of West Bengal . All of them have also appealed to the opposition to abandon their frictional stand with the state government and to find a solution to the impasse at Singur in the larger interest of the state of West Bengal.

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