August 31, 2008

The real scenario of Singur

The futility of the Trinamool claim of ‘400 acres land of unwilling farmers to return back’ was once more exposed when the original facts about the land acquisition scenario for the Tata Nano project at Singur came in publicly by State Government.

According to reports reaching here, about 82% of the land owners at the acquired land for the Tata project have already taken compensation for their land. Only the owners of about 254.36 acres of land are yet to take any state Government offered compensation for the lawfully acquired land at Singur. Owners of about 51.11 acres of land though agreeing to the governments proposal in this regard is still unable to take compensation for the acquired land, because personal &legal land related litigations are coming in the way of them accepting the cheques. The figures thus arrived points to only to the above mentioned 254.36 acres of land whose owners comprises of a meagre 17.17 %of the total acquired land .In all 13thousand 103 persons owned the acquired 997.11 acres of land out of which 10 thousand 852 persons comprising a bulk 82.82 % of the owners have already taken compensation for the land and are in support of the project. Out of the rest many are unable to take compensations due to land related litigations and family suits in courts regarding ownership rights of the land. Only a minority handful of owners exist who at the instigation of the opposition politicians’ are still unwilling to part with their land in the hope of better future deals as promised to them by the opposition politicians for luring them to protests. According to the emerging reality, the Trinamool’s claim that owners of 400 acre’s of acquired land are yet to take the compensations earmarked for them have once again proved to be totally baseless.

In case of the Bargadars, out of the 244 persons only 14 of them are yet to take the compensations announced by the state government. The rest 230 Bargadars have already taken compensations and most of them are employed with the project work itself. In this scenario, it can be recalled that West Bengal is the first state in the country to offer compensation for land acquired to the Bargadaars also.

If the acquired land is viewed through the plot holding pattern then about 3thousand535 plots existed there, out of which plot holders of about 1963 plots or 55.53% have got full compensation for the plots according to the basis of acquisition. While about 883 plot holders have received partial compensation i.e. 24.97 % i.e. a portion of the land holders have received partial compensation. Owners of only 689 plot holders have not taken there compensation which sums up to 19.49 % of the acquired land.

From the fiscal angle, the pattern of disbursement of compensations clearly shows that the total compensation for the acquired land amounts to 118.95 crores. Out of which 90.87 crores have already been disbursed. Only compensation amount of about 21.24 cores is still to be disbursed. Only about 25 lakhs of Bargadars compensation is yet to be disbursed. About 4.17 crores of compensations have been accepted by the owners but had to be deposited in the court due to internal strife’s between the co-owners or due to their pending family litigations in various courts.

But it has been cleared return back of 400 acres is not possible, even Supreme Court verdict also told that acquired land for public interest should not possible to return back, even if the project is to stopped for any reason, then this land should be sell through auction and the raised fund is to be used for public interest. Mentionable that state Government has acquired total 997.11 acres land, where the owner of these land are 10 thousand 852 people. Among them compensation cheque were received by total 8 thousand 890 people for 691.64 acre land. And still about 2251 people didn’t receive the cheque for only 305.47 acre land. Though among them many people still not get cheque for technical problem, and few are active TMC workers denied to take this compensation. But TMC supremo still rigid on stand to return back the 400 acres land ‘which are forcibly taken’ claimed by herself. Even now Central government heavy industry ministry also ruled out the allegation of TMC supremo Mamata banerjee that Tata got excess land for required in Singur. Even as the recommendations of national Automotive and Research and development Infrastructure Project , for the production one lakh car, there is needed 450 acres land for manufacturing unit. And then after every 1lakh additional car it is needed 25 percent additional land for the manufacturing unit. In Singur tata motors will manufacture about 3 and half lakh car so, as per the norms they have needed 650 acres land for manufacturing unit and another 600 acre land for ancillary unit. So as total its needed 1250 care land. But In Singur less than one thousand acre land was given to tata motors for their project. But is it any justify demand to return back the 400 acres land which are sctaer into pieces through out the whole project area.

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