August 31, 2008

Trinanamool snatches land from poor farmers, those got it in through land reform, in areas under its control after the panchayet polls

Kolkata, August 27: In aftermath to panchayet election, West Bengal’s main opposition “Trinamool Congress is slowly exposing its fangs as its worker’s across the state of West Bengal is robbing away the marginal farmer’s of lawfully recorded land in area’s under its domination. The 'pseudo farmer lover' TMC supremo when leading the anti-industriliasation movement in suingur for the interest of 'agriculture' then her supporters are enaged in forcibly snatching poor people's land which were distributed them under the land reform program initiated by Left Front government.
According to reports reaching here, in many places across the rural Bengal the Trinamool Congress is snatching away farmer’s land and obstructing the marginal farmers to till their very own land which were given to them under the “Operation Barga”. While in Singur the Trinamool is trying to pose itself as a friend of a nonexistent farmer’s cause, it has already lifted its pro farmer’s veil in cases that are being reported from Koochbihar in North Bengal to the Sagar Islands in the south Bengal . The Trinamool is taking the help of its newly elected Pradhans of the Gram Panchayets and has apparently targeted the villages where its has a own majority in the gram panchayet level. Summing up it in the language of a evicted poor farmer “Singur ora korche Natak, asole chaiche sara banglar chashir kapal fatuk’. The Trinamool is doing theatres in Singur, originally they want to smash the fore head of the Bengal’s poor farmers.

In Coochbihar, a large number of farmer’s were driven away from their land by the Trinamool led feudalistic elements in an apparent bid to reverse the social matrix prevalent in the rural Bengal after the operation ‘Barga.’ Such incidents have been reported in Dowshaguri Chandamari ,Chilkirhaat Putimari -Fuleswari gram panchayet area, and more than 78 landless beneficiaries of the land reforms has been displaced from their lands. In Suktabad of Kalbari gram Panchayet even a 4 bigha’s rightfully purchased land of a farmer hailing from the minority background, Abdur Rashid has not been spared. The poor farmer has been robbed of his only source of livelihood as he is not being allowed to step in his land also. Tilling his land is a distant dream for him right now. The local Krishakshaba appealed the opposition parties to restore the status –quo. But as usually it fell on deaf ears. According to the leaders of the local unit of Krishaksabha, in all 112 Bighas of land in all has been snatched away from the marginal farmers by the opposition in this fashion. The incident has shown the ultimate nature of the Trinamool Congress and the Congress who have done this, irrespective of the previous political affiliation of the poor land tillers. The local administration has however swung into action after complaints were lodged with the Local BDO office. the local BDO Shamden Dukpa when contacted has admitted the claims of the dislodged farmers over the farmlands .A meeting was arranged in the presence of the local police officers and the Trinamool Pradhans,where the opposition leader s under intense pressure from the AIKS activists promised to return back the lands .But once they stepped out of the meeting as usually violated the agreement and declined to handover the lands . Now the Krishak Sabha has planned a series of agitations to force the Trinamool to give back the land. In each of the cases the pre land reform era jotdars have an eye on those lands and it is well perceived that they are collaborating with the opposition to snatch away the lands from the tillers. District Trinamool president Rabindranath Ghosh when contacted declined to comment on this land grabbing by his partyman and defended his party worker’s by saying that their party supported erstwhile Jotdars and his patymen are the owners of the land and the tillers are imposters. The Secy. of the local unit of AIKS Nripen Gayen has said that larger agitations are being planned to expose and to force the feudal elements to hand back the land to the original owners.

Same type of incidents have been reported in Kalna (1) block of the Burdwan district of West Bengal. Buoyed by its success in the recent polls in the block the Trinamool led feudal miscreants laid siege to farmers land in approximate 26 bigha’s of land belonging to marginal farmers in Shikharpur, Begpur Kalyanpur ,Nandai & Kalyanpur Gram panchayet of the Kalna(1) block. However in each of the cases the Krishakshaba has been able , ultimately to defeat the ulterrir designs of the the Trinamool supported feudal elements . Biswanth Sarkar, secy of the Krishaksabha’s Kalna Unit told that this design of the Trinamool has exposed their pro feudalistic antecedents in the eyes of the people of the whole state . Its sinister ploys to destroy the landless farmers and the Bargadars in one hand and to act as a farmer representative on the interest of the big land lords has once more been exposed . Same incidents has been reported from numerous GP’s of Sagar Islands in South 24 Parganas also. In Dhablaghat physical attacks are being conducted on the original land holders and the tillers are being threatened to vacate their land in favour of the Trinammol supported Jotdars. Malay Kyal , Prominent youth leader and and member of the Zilla Parishad has urged the farmers to remain calm in the face of this attack and to organise mass mobilization campaigns so that the landless tillers cal be re-instated of in their lands . Land grabbing incident by Trinamool led jotdaars has been reported from places of East Midnapore districts also.

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